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Default Tenuous Links To Fame.

just wondering if anyone has any tenuous links to fame or famouse people.

i have put this topic up as i had a completely unexpected brush with someone who had done something that i considered spectacular.
while working in a old aged persons flat i noticed a solitary photo of this guy with a Para trooper badge on his blazer.
i asked him if he had been in the paras?
he said "yes, but how did you know?".
i pointed out the photo.
he then told me he had been in action in Burma.
after that this old fella points at a clock on his wall with a background picture of Mohamed Ali knocking out sonny liston i think.
any way this guy told me that he was Henry Coopers sparing partner and best frien in the Para's.
he went to America to spar with Cooper befor the fight at wembley, when he faught Ali. but this guy also spared with the great MOHAMED ALI.

this is the story of the fight.

Boxing - Split Glove Saves Clay from Cooper

While Sonny Liston was dealing with Floyd Patterson, the young pretender Cassius Clay was waiting in the wings and racking up victory after victory to confirm his status as the No.1 contender. One of the fall guys in this campaign of terror was supposed to be Henry Cooper. However, Cooper did not exactly follow the script.
On July 19 30,000 turned up at Wembley to see the outrageous 21 year-old. For the first three rounds it was as expected, with the clowning American making a monkey out of Cooper. Then in the dying seconds of the fourth round an arrogant Clay got careless and was caught with a left hook that could have changed boxing history.

The bell stopped Cooper from hitting him again, but Clay’s trainer, Angelo Dundee, almost certainly saved him. In the third round there had been a minor tear in Clay’s left glove and during the interval between the fourth and fifth rounds Dundee used his expertise to turn this into a major tear. The referee was summoned to inspect the glove. By the time this performance was finished Clay had gained sufficient breathing space to recover from Cooper’s punch. And 75 seconds after the fifth round began Clay had inflicted so much damage around Cooper’s left eye that the referee was forced to stop the fight.
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