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Default Teacher Quailty To Pay Ratio

Do you believe that a teacher who is paid more then a other teacher is a better teacher if both teachers have the same resources? Personally from my experience which I do have a fair amount experience in this area. In DODES (Department Of Defense Eduaction System (American Schools overseas ran by the American Gov)) that teahcers get paid 70,000 euros or about 100,000 a year to teach... Granted they do it because they love it. However that extra 30,000 to 50,000 seems to get better results out of teachers. Its not that they are more qualified then other public school teachers but since i've been in this school i've actually done somthing which I've done very litte in the last 7 years (excluding one class) is learn.

Georga school system when I went into was bacially a review for the first 3 years. I mean I came in and kids were still on what I was doing in the 1st grade when it was a 3rd grade class. I feel if a teacher is well paid, they will do a better job period. SOme may agrue the moral of but its only if they truly love it. Granted thats a huge part of it, but a extra 30,000 to 50,000 more a year AKA 2x the pay. Is a bouns.

My math teacher said he taught for 3 years in public schools and thought he was living it up. he came to DODs he said he always intendes on teaching in DODs. His reason are kids are military disciplined and raised you don't got those ignorant bastards of teenagers who back talk every chance you get it. You don't have the fights, and the conflicts in a public eduatction system. Parents are easier to talk to because they are succesfull adults and understand it takes to get there. Not only that make 2x the pay is nice.

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Default Re: Teacher Quailty To Pay Ratio

Ok I have this one teacher Mr. Ray, and he is the worst teacher I have ever had. I hate him with a passion. I haven't learned anything about science in his class and I love science! He has his own lab in the class and lappys too but he sucks so much. Then theres my algebra teacher Mr. Sherman. Hes probably the best teacher I have ever had. I've learned so much. His teaching ways are a little odd but they definately stick.

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Default Re: Teacher Quailty To Pay Ratio

I didnt bother to read it all. But ill say this.

Over here, in the us, its all based on how long you have taught. The longer the more cash you make. Each year your salery increases. And after 15 years you cap out at 56 thousand a year.
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