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Default Re: Survey for psychology class

Originally Posted by Spec View Post
So i have to ask 5 males this question and 5 femals..so answer your best please.

Imagine a current, past, or desired relationship, and think about what would be more distressing: either imagining this person falling in love with someone else (in which there is no physical relationship), or imagining this person having sexual intercourse with someone else (in which there is no emotional attachment). Out of this, which would you rather have, Explain.


List five important traits you find in a mate. And why

thanks all
I'd find that if I was going out with a girl that if she randomly started sleeping with someone else that'd be the hardest thing to deal with.

a person falling in love with someone else would be hard, but at least you can understand that people can't help how they feel, but randomly cheating on you with someone that they didn't really care about would be worse.

1 - Personality
2 - Intelligence
3 - Sense of humour
4 - Looks
5 - Whether they are compatible with you, like in terms of their views on politics religion etc.

the last one is weird.
but if you imagine that at some point in life you'll all have a friend that you disagree with and have an argument about politics or religion... and that's fine, you'll probably agree to respect each others views and probably only have arguments/debates every once in a while, but imagine seeing someone that you fundamentally disagreed with everyday...

and I'm not sure whether you'll actually find five females here!

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Default Re: Survey for psychology class

I agree with Thelis too. Its actually sort of happening/or has been happening with someone I know, so I know how much it hurts.
A physical relationship with another guy wouldn't bother me as much.
Love on the other hand is something a lot more higher up, and love + sex when in love = a lot more hurt in my opinion, if they intertwined, which they would at some point.

I'd prefer myself to have an emotional relationship.

As for 5 traits (In no real order to be honest):

1) Personality (can involve a lot, including inner beauty)
2) Looks (They are important to me, and I won't lie), but there are many types of look. You can be attracted to a girl straight away, just from looks, but with others, you start to like them more physically once you get to know their inner self more. So in a way, they sometimes come together to form one.
3) Funny (Someone that understands my humour, and someone I can make laugh)
4) Intelligent (I can't stand barbiesque girls, I call them),
5) Loving, caring & Understanding (Without these traits, you have pretty much nothing, and they seem to all roll into one). Means the difference between someone that will stay with you, and someone that won't.

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