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Old 05-17-2005, 02:16 PM   #41
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Default Re: Stupid but interesting question

Originally Posted by Steven11
I always talk my brain as a computer, it has ram, hard drive, intel p4 extreme with h/T and it goes like a rocket. My food is the PSU 4000Watt!! Also the case is my skull and skin. LOL
Yes it does have similarities!

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Default Re: Stupid but interesting question

Originally Posted by Kage
Yeah I've heard of Lucid dreams. Rather a kewl prospect though I don't remember if i've ever had one. Basically its about tricking your mind that your in a dream and its not real., so you can basically do what you like?
I've never heard of lucid dreams, however I am interested as to how you found this out Kage? Please do correct me if i'm wrong, but the Definition of lucid is to be clear and concise.

If lucid dreaming is in fact the ability to dictate what you dream then i think i may be able to do this. The reason being that i often think about work before i sleep, like how to overcome a problem, or plan a project. When i wake in the morning I can sometimes remember dreaming about solutions.

Or maybe i'm just off my head?!?!

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Default Re: Stupid but interesting question

well what ur talking about semtex is similar to lucid dreaming. when u have a big thing that is getting at u like needing a solution (i presume u mean programming) then i know from experience that your brain will be full of subsoncious thoughts on this topic, since its all a logical step procedure. the brain will go thru possibilities while you sleep. in the morning u can sometimes remember what has happened and provided that u can remember it well enough u can sometimes get that into the program before u forget it!!!

i think programmers especially this happens to because it all has to come from your mind and your mind continues to try to process solutions, neurons firing like a war as they bring up bits of code for you to remember! such concentration means that its hard for the brain to then quickly shut down afterwards.

that i think is prettymuch what is happening.

steven11, u know i have often thought of mu whole body being a machine u know! often the brain is the computer... but sometimes it crashes on me and so i have to spend all day trying to recover it... but thats usually aftera BIG night out!!!!


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