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Old 11-14-2007, 04:25 PM   #31
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Default Re: Some G*t Just Went Into The Side Of My Car!!!!!!!!!!

i can understand about you being fuming, ive been hit and run, had some dick pull out infront of me at a junction and been driven into by a post office van trying to overtake the car behind me, i understand how frustrating and annoying it can be, but at the end of the day, as long as you were not hurt, that is the most impoartant thing.. the first two of those were on a virtually new peugeot 206, i was pissed then, however, i wasnt hurt nor were any of my passengers.. lol.. and ive got the art of courtesy cars down to a fine art, started out on the first accident with a chevrolet matiz (piece of sh!t, didnt actually manage to get above 65 out of it), then had a brand new corsa, which was nice, then on the last one i had a brand spanking new volvo XC 70, built it on the internet and it was worth 33K, this was when my 1.5k beemer got hit, lol, that thing went like nothing ive ever driven before, 2.5l turbo diesel, the same as the police use.. beautiful car

anywho.. the damage on that car isnt too bad, and i dont think it would take the value down by a huge amount.. did the police come and say who they thought was at fault? if not.. its up to the insurance companies, though id try to avoid that route as they will scrap your car..

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Default Re: Some G*t Just Went Into The Side Of My Car!!!!!!!!!!

Ah that sucks, not too big of a deal but it sucks to see your car get beat up. My sisters car from 04' has been hit numerous times, it's unusual because she is a great driver with no accidents but alot of people hit her car. Theres so many little dents in it, bumper scrapes, the front left fender is hit, the light was nocked a little lose, the back bumper was also scraped because of so many people that dont care. (some of them are my sisters fault, she's a bad parker that's about it) most of them seem to be because it's a 20,000 dollar car and people don't care if they hit it. Now if you look at my moms 50,000 dollar 08 lexus truck, 3 months old, theres absolutely no damage, the car is mint, and my mom is one of the worst parkers, she is a good driver though, there would probably be many bumper scrapes if it weren't for the backup cameras. But, notice no one has scraped her bumpers while parking, probably because they respect more expensive cars or they are afraid someones gona smash their car if theres a scrape on their brand new car.

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