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Default Re: sold out his country for $11,000

Oh it's no mystery to me I was just making a point, I actually know quite a bit about guns and why who wins what contract. Glocks flood the streets because they figured out a good way to make a reliable gun that will almost never jam to be stamped out even using the same magazine well. I have a friend that has a conceal carry for a sub-compact glock 9mm. He also owns glock manufactured 33rd magazines for target shooting - imagine the damage if someones decides to use that method for another VA tech. Even the magazine wells are the same hence subcompact with a 33rd mag.

AKs are the rifle version. Accurate out of the box (not in full auto) but single shot just fine with a high cap magazine poppin off 7.62mm shells that I have used to hunt with.

Guns know no ethnicity unfortunately we don't descriminate that way there would be alot less killing. I have a german made HK, mid east is using russian origin assault rifles, we use american 1911s and M16a2s, the police use standard issue Sig swiss handguns or Australian glocks except the LAPD swat units that use american Kimber 1911s, ya got skinhead wannabe nazis using Uzis that are ironically Israeli made..... who said racism still exists? haha. I guess that lovely metallic sound of the slide racking a round is the same in every language...

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