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Default Re: This is a social Lounge

Originally Posted by alvino
Then rename the Gallery. It was originally made to show off computer-related things, not personal items like cars, girlfriends and so forth.
Yeah, that would be better!

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Default Re: This is a social Lounge

Originally Posted by genedefcon
People always do what you tell them not to do. You tell them not to post spam, and they do. You tell them not to go in the dark spooky cave where you can hear a munching and craking sound, and they do.
That's why we have moderators.

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Default Re: This is a social Lounge

Originally Posted by Brookfield
Mods can have different opinions the same as anyone, & and admin, [David] recognises this, take UK, we aren't exactly friends, but that doesn't stop us ageeing on some issues, see my post to him.

and I agree with you we have different opinions but what are rules are rules and you can't exactly say this is opinionated because as I said rules in a thread are rules in a thread, we have to follow a certain guideline and that will be our rules, no ifs or buts but it's no use having 2 rules that compleatly contradict each other.
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Default Re: This is a social Lounge

I think that th point of the thread is something completly different...

Lhuser simply says that this is a social lounge and we should be allowed to talk about whatever we like...

though that is subject to the rules...
if you start a conversation about hacking in the social lounge it'll be closed just as quickly as if it were in the security section...
if people advertise a business then it'll be closed, if people want to discuss porn with pictures then it'll be closed...

posts about cars, music, social networking sites, sandwiches, drugs, alcohol, schools work, law, war etc... are not at all related to computers, but they are still completly allowed inside the social lounge...
UK31337 is expressing dismay about the amount of random, pointless threads that are in the social lounge...
even though those threads are well within the rules it does sometimes seem like they have no place here...
a great example is the amount of car threads. it is the opinion of some people that it's perfectly fine to talk about cars here, (and the rules say that it is).
but surely that conversation is better suited to a car forum?

not that I havea problem with people talking about cars, but it does sometimes seem tat if you looked at the social lounge then you could be mistaken for thinking that this was a car /car audio forum, and not a computer forum...

As brookfield said, we do all have different opinions about what is good to talk about and what is not so good to talk about...
but so long as nobody breaks the rules then it's not like anybody will stop you talking about anything that you like...

I guess the message is that this is a social forum, and feel free to discuss anything you like, but before you post it might be better to ask yourself if the kind of things that you're saying are perhaps better suited to another more specific forum, or even a myspace bulletin of simillar?

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