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Default Re: Social Engineering

Thats cool, congrats!

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Default Re: Social Engineering

Originally Posted by recon 16
Ok so my mom needed an ink cartridge for her printer, so she gave me the old one, and i dug up out of my droor an old (like 4 years!) ink cartridge, (the ink was probally crusty, but the cartridge was in it original packaging NEVER USED...) I walked in to staples, and gave them my moms cartridge(the hp) and said i need this replaced and i wanted to return the other one (the epson...the one that was never used and 4 years old) the lady scanned the epson it said $31.99, she asked if i had a receipt and i said no and just talked...then she scanned the new HP one (my moms) and the cash register said $19.99, i know i bought the epson at staples, but my point and the cool thing about this story is, i did not have a receipt, and she changed it out, and i got a a $12 gift card to staples!!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY SOCIAL ENGINEERING STORYS?
You are lucky cause usually items that old are discontinued or they don't carry anymore...They are getting more clever to the idea though.Stores will no longer let you take back an item that doen't have a box or the original packaging.

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Default Re: Social Engineering

O heck I do that all the time. Getting sombody to tell information that normally they wouldn't care or want to remeber. One day I was talking to a kid told him I could hack his user account at school. Which I really had no idea how, but I have 15 bucks on it. So I took my time, not hacking but waiting for him to get his mind off it. We were talkinga bout PC secuirty started the conversation up by asking about anti-virus and spyware and such. I then asked whats the most common password you use? He asked me and I simply slied saying birthday+Pets name. Which I don't anyways he told me his. I got his login by watching him login then I simply logined one day. Made a picture in paitn that simply said, You've Been Hacked, Give me my 15 bucks. He begged for ever for me to tell him how I did it. Told him it was so simple even he could do it. He never truly understood what I said. Is that social engineering. Or in debate when you trick sombody up, and make them get into a touge twister or somthing.
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Default Re: Social Engineering

ones here do, mainly because of the excuse "i had to tear the plastic casing to shreds to get the thing out"

shoot about a week ago we took back christmas decorations (after using them) that we got at like a 75% discount, got the full asking price for them, got like 800 dollars after only paying like 150 - 175 no receipt either thats no social engineering


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