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Default Re: So, what do you guys think of my first C++ program?

Originally Posted by Thelis View Post
No you don't.... You get to the multiplication part.

If you put in a value larger than 150 years of age you get a WTF HAX due to the fact that no one can live that long... If you ask a lot of the members on this forum, you will realize that WTF HAX is a joke.

@ red beard, Thanks for the tips. I am starting my for, while and do strings now.
Well, with the compiler I use, you get spammed with WTF HAX when you put in 100001.

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Default Re: So, what do you guys think of my first C++ program?

Originally Posted by Ronco Rox View Post
ah c++ what a pain in the ass that was i suppose your taking it as a class right? wait until you get up to towers of hanoi. you will hate your life.
Haha... We'll see. I like C++ because it is nice and logical, unlike other languages which rely on tags and flags that make no sense.

Originally Posted by Kage View Post
Nice Reminds me of a program I tried to create in Basic using Dark Basic when I got that a while back. I found I couldn't get my head around it though to be honest.
Dark Basic is cool, but I am going old school with this cram. You know, Vi and Emacs.

Originally Posted by iamchickenlover View Post
very nice. your school has programming classes?
Interwebs and books my friend. Classes ftl.

Originally Posted by MacGirl View Post
That's cool Thelis. How hard is it to learn...seriously? I was thinking about taking a programming class in the fall and would like to know if it is really a nightmare to get started in.
Meh, if you have a good grasp on logic and boolean algebra it is quite easy. The hardest thing is not forgetting braces lol.

Originally Posted by _-..zKiLLA..-_ View Post
wtf... not too be a noob but what do i do with the code?
Be cool like FlightSimBoy

Originally Posted by FlightSimBoy View Post
You can be like me and copy and paste into a program like Bloodshed DevC++, compile it and run it.

Great job, thelis, compiled and ran with no errors, and does just what it says its going to do. Now to program a game better than Crysis. Get to work! lol...

Yeah, your program was great.. I typed in 20000 the first time... WTF HAX!
I'm on it... you'll hear back in a decade or so...

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Default Re: So, what do you guys think of my first C++ program?

i thought you were in a class. i have never taken one but it is funner to learn on my own i think.
What do you plan on doing with your programming?

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