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Default Re: Should I quit?

Originally Posted by _omen

Not to mention that you have an NES game that is based after your occupation. I don't think that Cubicle Hunter would sell well, or Sexual Harassment: The Game would be all that enthralling

I mean your 14. You have plenty of time to be tied down by a job, being told what to do for those 8 hours of your life. Seriously, enjoy your childhood while you still can, becuase pretty soon your older and you regret not doing all the crap that a kid should do.

Besides, if you need cash, just grab your parents credit card and buy in very small quantites

No need to get a real job just yet. Trust when I say that you don't want to get a real job just yet. I mean, unless you want to completely waste your time earning minimum wage to make a bunch of obese people some Whoppers or Cheeseburgers, stick with what you got. A two hour job a day that pays $150 a month with NO tax deductions, that's a Godsend.

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Default Re: Should I quit?

Shoot, My dad is manager of the pace and milton districts for the pensacola news journal (the name of the paper) and mom works as one of his drivers, and she gets paid per paper. Now Im guessing you have a small route, but Even still, she makes 300 dollars a week.

I help them every sunday for like 3 hours, and get paid 35 bucks cash just for that (our of the news journals pocket) so in a month I make 140, for 12 hours of work. For what you are doing you could get paid a LOT more, Id say just wait till your older.

If your good with computers do what I do, I have kind of like a freelance unofficial business going where I do tech work for people, or if you know html do websites, you can make a good 15-30 bucks a page for small businesses\

and to the credit card bit: just write down the numbers and go to an atm every once in a while and take out two tens


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