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Old 07-02-2007, 10:03 PM   #11
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Default Re: Should I??

im talking about the 8800GTS 320MB not the 8900GS....which i wish was out because it is supposed to be about 200$ perfect in my price range

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Old 07-03-2007, 12:08 AM   #12
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Default Re: Should I??

well im going into High school sooo im in ur shoes and IMO i think about how long it will take u to get enough money for the 8800 and if its more than u want to then just buy now. My computer is crap thats y im doing a Overhaul wit a new computer im building after i come back from vacation in Mexico. I am going to b satisfied with XP Pro 64 and a 7300GT. Right now i got XP Home with no SP2 its not compatible with SP2 and a 5200FX so i am the open book for hackers (got hacked on WoW one reason for Overhaul)and at the bottem of the barrel in computers. so consider ur self lucky and go ahead and buy right now. And how much money do u have to this thing

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Default Re: Should I??

I would save. I am saving money for a bunch of stuff I am getting from newegg, regardless if it is agonizing, you are broke (for most people's cases) if you don't set aside money for just that. If you spend less, you normally don't get as good quality. If you got enough money now, buy it.
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Old 07-03-2007, 03:56 PM   #14
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Default Re: Should I??

To be honest I would buy now, There is always something else round the corner and if you are on your summer holiday now then go for it!
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Default Re: Should I??

Originally Posted by ssc456 View Post
buy now def.

it annoys me wen people wait and wait for prices to drop at the end of the day if the price has dropped then its prob coz something better has come out so by the time u saved for the GTS the 8900GTX will prob be out and u will want to save a bit more for that but by the time u have saved then the next card will be out lol.

its mostly old people that fall victim to this type of non common sense they are like oh yes i will not buy my new 32" not coz they are still 400 but by this time next year i will be able to get it for 300 but thats probably because u can now get a 42" for 400 lol so its pointless
Or just do what I do.

"Hmm.. that 6800Ultra is too expensive.. i'll wait.. *waits*.. alright, that 7600GT is pretty cheap, and performs faster than the 6800Ultra.. *buys*"

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