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Default Scan have let me down...again

This is the company that, apparently, has won award after reward for customer services, but how they got them, I really do not know. For those that aren't aware of the goings on of the last 4 months:

December 2009 - Bought an Asus M4A79XTD EVO mobo from Scan

20th November 2010 (d-day) - Deduce that from all tests I've done, motherboard is most likely dead. Return to Scan because Asus warranty states you return a motherboard still in warranty to your place of purchase. I get quoted "it can take up to 28 days"

December 11th 2010 (d-day +21) - Call Scan to ask where it is up to. They say it is with Asus and they will email them to ask where it is up to, then forward the email on to me.

December 18th 2010 (d-day + 28) - Call again, 28 day mark since return, no email received. Ask where it is up to, get told they will email Asus and forward it to me.

December 21st 2010 (d-day + 28) - Call again, no email received. Ask where it is up to, get told they will email Asus and forward it to me.

December 29th 2010 (d-day + 36) - Go in store to buy my new case and ask about it. Don't know where it is up to, will email Asus to ask, and forward it to me

January 8th 2011 (d-day + 46) - Call again, no email received. Ask where it is up to, get told they will email Asus and forward it to me.

January 15th 2011 (d-day + 53) - Call again, no email received. Ask where it is up to, get told they will email Asus and forward it to me.

January 21st 2011 (d-day + 59) - Call again, no email received. Ask where it is up to, get told they could not offer a replacement, so offered me ~52 due to depreciation, worth 2, and for usage, and I tell them to stick it (nicely of course)

I call trading standards who say what they are offering is reasonable and perfectly with in the law, however the service is less than satisfactory, but it isn't anything the law can deal with. The best I can do is tell them how it has afected me and what I expect them to do.

Januay 22nd 2011 (D-day + 60) - go in store and go to customer returns desk and explain the situation. Am met by an extremely rude member of staff who I have dealt with before and every time, has a disgusting attitude (asian looking with long hair, usually in a pony tail) who says out right they can't and won't do everything.

I kick off, and the floor manager and another higher up member of staff come over. I explain the situation, the other member of staff goes to the back and comes out around 10 mins later and says they are replacing the board out right free of charge because of the standard of customer service, which I am happy with, once again, Sca are in my good books.

January 27th 2011 - Notice that a fan header isn't working. Test the fan on another fan header, all is well, test another fan on that header, no joy. Call Scan, they say bring it in and it will be replaced straight away

January 29th 2011 (second return) - As I remove the board, I notice that the circuitry to/from the fan header is damaged. I take it in anyway, they say they will replace it, but then find me in store a couple minutes later and say there is damage on the board, so I come back over.

I am told, surprise surprise from the same guy who has the attitude problem, and I quote "it is your fault so we can't do anything" to which I ask how, and am told "anything could have caused it, probably changing settings"

I said show me a setting for changing the fan speed to a point where it will draw too much current. I said the fan works on other headers, so the fan isn't at fault, the motherboard works perfectly fine, just not that header, so it is clearly that fan header that is defective, not how I built the system, how I use the system or any other part and I don't appreciate them saying it is my fault or putting down my ability to build or use computers, and again, I wish to see management because this is not my fault and I would like to work out a solution here and now, rather than dragging this all out for the second time.

Whilst he is out back getting management, the other bloke on the desk says it isn't that it is for sure your fault, it is that if there is any sort of physical defect, your warranty is void. If we can say there is a possibility it is your fault, which every physical defect allows us to do, we can't offer you any sort of warranty replacement.

I said I understand that, I know how the system works and to be honest, when I noticed it this morning I expected something like this, but when I know it isn't my fault and you get someone like that trying to undermine you, you don't expect that from a company that apparently prides themselves on their customer service. He didn't say anything, but he didn't need to, he just nodded in agreement, like he did last time I kicked off at the pony tail bloke the last time I was in.

He came back with management (different bloke to last time) who explained what I already knew about warranty service and that he actually knew about my prior experience because it had been brought up in a meeting. I said it isn't the warranty that I have an issue with, it is that I want some kind of solution, but not to be told "up to 28 days" and then for you to take 60 days and be another 2 months without a system.

He said he understands that, and usually it will take up to 28 days, but with the snow, holidays and with it being in the Netherlands, it can take longer than that.

I said that isn't my fault, you said 28 days and if you don't think you can fulfil it, don't state it. You knew from the start there would be Christmas and New Year near the point when you said it should return, buy even if you take out the days of snow, the holidays and, to give you even more benefit of the doubt, weekends, it is well over 28 days. To then also say it is in another country, I don't work in the field, it is just a hobby, and I know it is in another country. You know it always has to go there, so why quote 28 days then use that as an excuse? If you know it COULD take 40 days, you say it could take up to 50 days to give you the most and then a bit, rather than quoting an "ideal" time.

He said yea I understand. What we can do for you is give you one of our B-Grade boards as a loan so you aren't without a computer and send the board off. You won't get a replacement, but they may be able to repair it, so of course, I agreed.

He took me to the back where I had to explain that I needed AM3 and why AM2+ wouldn't be enough. Bare in mind this is a guy that works for a computer company, but doesn't know about technology that has been out for years . I ask him how long do you think it will be until the board is back? He said it will usually take up to 28 days, I said we'll see shall we. I got a board, went back down and went home quite happy.

February 12th 2011 (Second Return + 21) - Call to ask where it is up to, get told they will email Asus and forward it to me.

February 19th (second return + 28) - Call again, no email received. Ask where it is up to, get told they will email Asus and forward it to me. I say it has, once again, been 28 days and we have no board, where do you keep getting this figure from?

He said with repairs it could take more, and whoever quoted 28 days shouldn't have because the likelihood is, it will take longer. I said to him it isn't my fault your company can't communicate properly or stick to time frames, but now your companies lack of professionalism is again affecting me getting my computer back.

He said we actually don't have a record of you, your phone number or your email and all I could manage to say to that was what? I gave him my details, but how the hell can a company lose details that they have received no less than 4 times? (once when I first ordered it, once when I bought my case, once when I got the replacement board the first time and once when I gave my board in the second time)

March 8th (Second Return + 45) - Receive 3 emails from Scan:

First Email:

MR ******,

Dear Mr ******,
Your ASUS M4A79XTD EVO MOBO (SCIL-7315033337) is back from Supplier. It has been repaired. Please collect the motherboard over Technical Reception quoting the above RMA.
Thank you.

Scan Computers
Second Email:

Name: MR *****

Current status of your RMA: Rejected

We can confirm your returned goods have now been inspected by our technicians and the warranty has been rejected. Please contact our returns staff for assistance.

You can also view the real time status of your RMA using our online returns tracking: Scan.co.uk: Award winning supplier, performance hardware & systems

Please check your emails for further updates and thank you for your patience while we deal with your RMA.


Scan Computers
Bit of a contradiction, but I assume they mean it has been repaired, but, as I already knew, the warranty is still void. I then receive the third and final email:

Dear Mr ******,
Sorry wrong email sent. It has been rejected by Supplier: track damage.It is back at Scan Computers. Please kindly pick up the rejected motherboard from Technical Reception quoting the above RMA.
This is a company that:
  • Can not give any sort of realistic time frame
  • Has members of staff that show no iterest in their customers or how they are treated
  • Have senior members of staff with apparently very little knowledge of technology from the last few years
  • Are unable to do something as simple as forward an email when they say they will, or at least send an email to say "we haven't received an email yet"
  • Can't maintain customer records
  • Can't send their own emails properly

In the last 4 months, I have had my main system in a usable state for 1 week because of Scan and Asus.

Aria, Ebuyer, Overclockers.co.uk, you have a now permanent buyer because if Scan think they are getting any more custom off me, they have another thing coming
Primary::: Asus M4A79XTD EVO | AMD Phenom II x3 720BE @ 3.4GHz | 2 x 2GB Corsair 1600MHz | XFX HD5770 + eVGA GTX260 Physx | 500GB Samsung F3 + 520GB Storage | Corsair Obsidian 700D | Win 7 Ultimate x64
Secondary::: Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus | Intel Q6600 | 2 x 1GB Corsair 800MHz | Gigabyte 9800GT | 180GB Caviar Blue + 250GB Storage | Win 7 Ultimate x64
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