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Default Re: Sat

The SATs are not a knowledge test. Everything that you need to know for them has already been taught by 7th grade. In fact, it might be an advantage to take them earlier as the material is fresher in your head.

If you need proof of what I said, I will be more than happy to provide it.

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Default Re: Sat

I partially agree with you as far as Writing and Mathematics go. Your reading skills, on the other hand, can only get better. In most schools here in Kansas you have seen all of the writing, however you don't see Algebra by your 8th grade year and Geometry by 9th grade. That's the average.

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Default Re: Sat

Originally Posted by Thelis View Post
Pretty low scores, even for a 7th grader. However, your SAT scores don't matter at all if what you say is true. If your dad really did go to Harvard, you will have no trouble getting in.
really? on the duke and northwestern websites they have this thing that tells you how your scores match up against other kids in your grades scores, i was in the 97 percentile overall... also the scores i got were higher than the average american highschooler (that isnt really saying much tho )

my dad really did go to harvard, i can post a picture of his diploma or whtever.

we werent taught half the stuff that was on the SAT in school, maybe the writing stuff, but writings kinda diferent that math and grammar, your taught new types of math and grammar every year, you learn writing more from experience. but then again, its ure opinion. can you provide proof i'm just curios

btw that joga

P.S. do you really think it wouldnt be very hard to get into harvard if my dad went there?
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Default Re: Sat

Originally Posted by Rubber314Chicken View Post
wait.... what!?????????
YOU!!! LITTLE!!! AUGH.... lol
I didn't say that!!!

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