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Default Re: Runescape?

i play it sometimes, my name is biosverb

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Default Re: Runescape?

Originally Posted by JogaBonito1502 View Post
The PK'ing system is back. However, you get a random item according to how intense the battle was, how long you were out battling, and how many items you brought. Additionally, the new PK'ing system only takes place in 3 worlds, however all of Runescape is fair game, except for banks, which are safespots. The random item varies from 100k-120m.
no, the current pk system is very stupid. before there was a certain area that you could use to pk(wilderness) but now the entire world is pk-able. this kills all the fun of teasing newblets that dont have enuff sense not to go into a dangaerous place unprepared. now, those newblets avoid the pk entirely as it is very easy to do so. there are also a lot less places to sneak up or betray someone now since you are in a very populated area.

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Default Re: Runescape?

Lol my sister's friend's birthday is a RuneScape theme. Thank god she's not going rofl
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Default Re: Runescape?

New Runescape HD uses so much RAM, sometimes my PC lags big time!
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Default Re: Runescape?

I played Runescape before Jagex completely destroyed it with all this new bullshit. The wilderness was an adventure by itself! I got some good loot from killing people there and I got pwned a few times myself as well.
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Default Re: Runescape?

I play it just about everyday. My User is Holysky55

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