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Default Role Model(s)

Who is your role model and why? Me personnally I have two.

Some guy by the name of Henry. Hes a very famous weight lifting. Well anyways from a early age what poeple struggled out (weight wise) he excelled at. At the age of 12 he was recorded as doing 225 Bench. Well he worked at weight lifting for years. Then came the time for him to try a different career. Well he did tried it and during the 5 years he tried it he got bored of it. Well he decided to go back into weight lifting. He had one month and 5 years of muscle loss to overcome in 1 month. He made a statement to the world he'd crush the deadlift open record. Bascially poeple prepare for this for years... He had a month. He even had himself tested for setorids he buffed himself up and worked out like mad to get where he was going. At the deadlift competition he put on I believe it was 900 or 950 LBs IDK its a crazy deadlift that crushed the current world record. He did it not once, but three times. 950 LBs deadlift whihc is considered CRAZY AND EXTEREMLY DIFFICULT. In fact its only been done twice he was the greatest because he only had a month to prepare for it.

Some business guy no idea who is name is or what he does. I was listening to this guy in a big like show or w/e at my school. Hes one of the ones that really made me pursue what I am doing atm. And thats my busines granetd it was 4 years ago. He showed me the world that I wanted being my own boss my own decisioin maker. Now I didn't know what business I wanted to do. orginally my own marketing firm, but now its turned into a computer firm.

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Default Re: Role Model(s)

Michael Jordan cause i love basketball.

My late Grandfather, i always said if i turn out to be half the man he is i'll be a great person.

"Keep fit and have fun" Bodybreak

Home Computer: Dell inspiron 2200, 1.66 GHZ processor, 80 gig harddrive, 512mb ram, cd/dvd rom, wireless network card.
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Default Re: Role Model(s)

I suppose my only role model is my dad, he's struggled all his life with a shitty-ass job, never misses a day, just so that I can have all the things he didn't have. I want to be as self-less as he is.
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Default Re: Role Model(s)

I should be everyones role model

But really, its my brother. Just because.. We get along so damn well, and have all the same interests, and such.
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Default Re: Role Model(s)

Travis pastrana....My idol

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Default Re: Role Model(s)

My well role model or more or less person I admore is duh
David Lindon
pretty much all of the mods here

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