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Old 10-13-2007, 12:45 PM   #11
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Default Re: Review: Stupidity

Originally Posted by Brookfield View Post
You haven't got the message yet have you, look around you, all the posts so far are against this thread, & therefore you, you're the one who raised it, as for your opinion of me, I don't mind, everyone has their own opinion, but to say "the mods hide behind their powers" is in my opinion the sort of thing a person who dislikes cops would say, I was a cop once, so you dislike me as a moderator & as an ex cop, but would you say it to my face?, I very much doubt it.
I'm not going to close this thread as it's just getting interesting, such as you saying it'll probably come to you leaving, well, feel free, I don't think you'll be missed after your tirade here, so, byeee!
Hardly constructive

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Default Re: Review: Stupidity

Originally Posted by MikeReiner View Post
I think this thread was stupid.. but his last post he just made had some points.

He doesn't imply that he hates cops, you are implying that he does.

He just said he hates moderators who don't follow the rules of the forum.

Don't make assumptions like that.

And you're wrong. BF2 is a nice guy, who I'd rather not see leave.

Originally Posted by BF2player View Post
I can't understand what you wrote really. Incorrect grammar, spelling, and overall it makes no sense. I don't really care if they are against this thread. It wasn't meant to be anything.

I have nothing against you being a cop? I never said I did. This has nothing to do with anything. Yes, you do hide behind your powers. If you where a member, you would have banned yourself by now because you have broken all the rules that you supposedly are supposed to enforce.

Just a quick question, why do you always pull something that you did into the past into the threads. This time is you being a cop, and in a previous thread is what something else. I think something in your head broke when you lost your wife. I used to be a member here a long time ago. You where a good mod back then, but now... you are pathetic.
Originally Posted by AllThingsSacred View Post
You will not be missed either. No family, no friends, and a hideous legacy.
disagreed that was out of line neg rep for both of you

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Default Re: Review: Stupidity

Closed. This thread and nigh everyone who posted here was raising trouble.

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Closed Thread

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