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Default Re: resident evil 5 raciests u got to be kidding me

Originally Posted by ArrizX View Post
I'm going to go out on a limb here.


Alot of people are racist on skin color, because skin color relates to a certain personality type.


However, It needs to be brought up. At my school, majority is actually Mexican. Now do not get me wrong what-so-ever, there are some awesome Mexicans out there. My best friend is a Mexican. I shit you not. But people here don't stereotype the Mexican populous. There are a lot of gang-banger Mexicans out there. No hiding it no way around it, thats how it is. They lie, they do drugs, they fight in gangs, and they steal. Not every Mexican does, but the Mexicans here are glorified for that. No Mexican is glorified for helping the old lady across the street. People hear these things and get their own opinion with out having a personal experience to both sides. This is how racism springs up.

That is the way it is with everyone though, isn't it? I mean come on, how many people hear about how the Mexican gave a few extra bucks to someone for gas, or a pay phone or whatever it may be. There are good citizens out there. But the media only reports and informs on the Mexican gang drive-by's. That sets a very negative image to anyone who has no experience. Or who someone has one bad experience; it can ruin them for life.

Its how the world works, and nothing will change. The actual "idealism" here, is that if the Media did not report based on race. They can say, such and such happened here and there, but no need to go into details about race. Because it gives that whole negative image to every Mexican, not just that particular crowd.

Again, nothing personal. I just have no other nationality to go off, it is only Whites and Mexicans go relate too.

I guess I could also relate to the whites.

The mass media will report on anything negative. However when a white guy robs a bank, more times then not, they do not say a race. (my area - Pacific NW). Anyways, that is because there are *drum roll* white news reporters and news anchors. So, because they have not gone out of their way to report the race that did it, that race's image is not put in jeopardy (sp). However the news does go out of their way to say XX black men, or XX Hispanic men did this or that. Its like they take a low shot. And the whites are left with out a scratch.

And people the generalized population is just fucking stupid, they are guided by the media into what to think. So they have no idea what the whites are actually doing wrong, and because of that the other Nationalities are being repelled by whites. Although the whites arent aware of the whites. They do much more. We are majority, and it happens all the time (being stabbings, shootings, violence in general, whatever crime it may be), its been done over and done over to death, and they are sick of it. The underlying minorities have not been done to death, so they are *new news* and reported on more.

So essentially the media guides the whites to be afraid of Blacks, Mexicans, etc, and completely oblivious as to alllllll the problems that the whites cause because it is not fed into the media system.

Does anyone understand me at all? I mean I went on some spacey stuff, but it makes sense to me. The media sucks
I understand the damage the media can do . I live near a place in Manchester england called moss side . Now there have been a lot of gang shooting around here in the past and the media focus real attention when a person gets shot here whereas if it happens in an upper class area of Manchester its like no big deal
Personally i know how bad the media is . Most news readers are white upper class puppets and when the news is written by upper class people the whole thing is controlled run and reported by upper class people They are the judge jury and executioner so no wonder everything is set to favor white upper class people
Say a black man commits a crime
say a white man commits the same crime . The media can write two different stories about the same crime just because it was committed by people with two different skin colors . The media is sickening relay and is all about creating a climate of fear
Also if your area is mainly Mexican people it is no suprize that most the crime is committed by Mexican people . Like if your was mainly white working class most the crime would be committed by them ,
As for my ideology that we are all part of the human race . I highly doubt that will be shared by every member of the human race in my lifetime or in anybodys as it is just an idea that in theory never works as should

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Default Re: resident evil 5 raciests u got to be kidding me

Sorry, this is really spam and completely off topic, but I just had to point out to the person who made the OP that it's spelled racist not raciest. Obsessive Compulsive on my side sorry.

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