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Default RE: motorbikes (99nasha? -but it's open to all)

well I've decided that I want to get a motorbike, som circumstances have dictated that I've lost the use of my car, and I'm not sure if I want another car, or whether I want the traffic busting abilities of a bike.

(this is pretty much a copy of an email I've just sent to a training school, but I'm hoping some of you in here might be able to help as well)

I'm not entierly sure what I need to do in order to start, but here is my position as it stands.

I'm a full UK car licence holder with the standard categores, (B, B1, f k p) as I understand it, the p entitles me to drive a 50cc bike on the roads? (with or without L plates?) is this correct, and do I need further training in the way of a CBT course to do that?

(anyway that's not so important, as that'd pretty much a last resort anyway!)

from the motorcycling.co.uk site I gather that in order to be able to ride a bike I need category A,
the steps for getting catA

1. Get a provisional licence Compulsory
2. Take CBT ( Compulsory Basic Training ) Compulsory
3. Buy, borrow or hire a learner legal bike, helmet etc. Obviously
4. Get insured Compulsory
5. Practice on the roads with L plates and maybe take some pre-test training Voluntary
6. Read The Highway Code and other books Voluntary
7. Apply for, take and pass your theory test Compulsory
8. Apply for, take and pass your practical test Compulsory
9. Get your full licence and tear up your L plates YES !!
10. Ride safely, live long and prosper

is step one compulsorary? snice I have a full driving license do I need to apply for a provisional in order to start training to ride? and will this come as a provisional item on my full license (until I [hopefully] pass the full bike test?)

the CBT is compulsory right? -that's understandable
do you have learner bikes at your school that can be borrowed?
and are those bikes insred for unlicensed people in the same way that instructors cars are?
practise on roads with L plates seems obvious. (but more on this later)
is the thotake theory test - is this the same theory test as the car test, as I have already passed a theory test will I need to take another? is it bike specific?
take and pass practical test, OK, that's obvious, but even so still throws up new questions, on the motorcycling.co.uk site is mentions something about the power ratio of bikes and that taking a test on a low powered bike only enables you to ride low powered bikes something about license category a1 and c90 bikes (not entierly sure what that's all about).

Also, comming back to the practise on the roads. is this to say that it seems perfectly legal to practise on the roads at any given time so long as the bike is low powered (<125cc) and has L plates.
is it possible to have practise time as a time when I'd e gong to work, or is this practise time supervised as I sometimes see bike schools out teaching people on the roads.

So, (in case you got lost ther cause I think I did when asking the questions).

with a full UK driving license (car) can I drive a moped (50cc) without any further training? (isn't this crazy or dangerous?!?)
afer taknig a CBT, am i correct in assuming that I have a 2 year provisional certificate that will enable me to 'practise' on a low powerd bike with L plates until taking the full test
Is that practise meant to be supervised, or is it essentially just practise? (i.e can I use this for getting to work with L plates).
do I still need a theory test, snice I've already passed a theory test to get my full car licence.
and last but not least, do you have all the equipment to rent at your school that I'd need? assuming that I wouldn't want to be caught in this thing of not being able to ride a more powerful bike, (incidentaly, what is a C90? -is it category?, or is it a bike like the Honda C90?). 'm sure that you know more bout this than I do!

and lastly, how quickly can I be on the road? (I know this sounds a bit eager like I migh go off and die horribly in some stupid accident), but assuming that I can take a CBT (which is 8 hours?) can thi be done in a single day, and would this entitle me to ride as-and-when on a lower powered bike for up to 2 years.
and how long do I have to wait after taking the CBT before I can take the full test. and is there a 2 year wait till I can ride a more powerful bike, or is this assuming that a 17 year old is taking the test?
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