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Default Re: Rave

Originally Posted by DJ-CHRIS View Post
Rave isn't a form of music. Rave's are a type of underground party where various forms of electronic music. Rave's are not common anymore due to new legislation which lets police in the US easily shut down down (See the R.A.V.E. act). If police find out about them they get shut down, and it's nearly impossible to have a big "rave" without it being found out about. They easily get shut down in Canada too, as well as jsut about any large illegal party's.

First off, what's a "rave concert" if your talking about clubbing, I go clubbing.
raves dont get shut down by the police ? raves are not common anymore but they still happen and their organized events

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Default Re: Rave

Originally Posted by Techmaster05 View Post
raves dont get shut down by the police ? raves are not common anymore but they still happen and their organized events
Raves do get shutdown by the police, it's nearly impossible to organize something large enough to be a rave, but small enough to be a legal sanctioned event. Rave's are all but dead in North America.

I would say rave's differ from clubs and music festival's due to the smaller size, and illegal unsanctioned nature of the event.

There are some events that exist in modern day that are similar to rave's.

-The club scene is the closest to a rave, but is far less focused on drugs, more focused on drinking and are most often a pickup spot for people wanting to get laid. The big (expensive) events seem to attract tons of people. Some of the events can be huge, and similar to music festivals. Labor of Love 2008 in Toronto attracted thousands of people

^^^ Armin Van Buuren @ Labor of Love 2008 in Kool Haus [Guvernment complex] (Photo by me)
^^^Armin Van Buuren @ Labor of Love 2008 in Kool Haus [Guvernment complex] (Photo by me)
^^^ Sharam from Deep Dish in Guvernment
^^^ Offer Nissim in Sound Academy [AKA the docks] (Photo by me)

-You than have music festivals, such as WEMF, Sensation Black, DEMF, etc. These have the same type of crowd, but differ from rave's due to the fact they are legitimate, drug use isn't sanctioned and have a security and / or police presence. Numbers are in the thousands. When I went to WEMF, which was the last electronic music festival in Ontario, police were present through the entire event. Also, unlike rave's they cost an arm and a leg. Very few exist nowadays unfortunately.

^^^ Sensation Black
^^^ Wemf 2008 (Photo by me)
^^^ Wemf 2008 (Photo by me)
^^^ Photo of Wemf 2008 in the morning (photo by me)
(video by me)
^^^ Some girl that did too much PCP at wemf. She was dancing in a parking lot near a beach a few KM away from the festival. She later fell over on the ground, didn't realized she had fell over wiggled around on the ground until her all her clothing came off and a girl had to help her put it back on.

Theirs also some other festivals based around electronic music with it not being the sole focus. The largest example I can think about similar to this is Toronto Pride, which is a week long festival containing a street party, parade, circuit party style club event (Series of huge club events all linked together), beach party's, sex party's and just about everything else you can think of. Events like this are uncommon and multi-day events like this are fairly unique to the gay community in North America. For a week, the streets are closed. Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon's until the wee hours of the morning, the streets are crowded with people, and there are many live stages with DJ's and live acts that are free to see. Everything is legal and well organized. Theirs a 4 night party that offers 4 events, with 3 of them being huge well organized club events, one being a smaller one, and one of them being a beach festival. The street party's tend to die out around midnight however, and people filter out to clubs for the main part, bathhouses and private party's. Pride also has a parade (well duh). It's one of the only mainstream events in North America to span multiple day's and be supported with millions of dollars of money from the government and private corporations. It attracts over a million people in Toronto each year. There's some similar festivals like Carabana that also happen and attract large amounts of people.

^^^ Toronto pride street party (Photo by me)
^^^ Toronto pride street stage, usually theirs a DJ instead of a live peformer however (Photo by me)
^^^ Toronto pride street party during day (Photo by me)
^^^ Mel C (spice girl) preforming at one of 5? live stages that are freely available during the weekend (Photo by me)
^^^ Sluts unite at a parade! (Photo by me)

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Default Re: Rave

damn DJ Chris your making me drool...

Time to break out the UFO's and get some glowsticks...

Its break beats time....
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Default Re: Rave

Raves are so 1980s. Still fun though even though I don't touch drugs

Master of common sense. If you don't like it, stop reading.
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