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Old 06-26-2007, 02:02 PM   #21
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Default Re: Random Ass kid < my car

What's he gonna do, call the cops?? Even if he does, they can't prove sh*t.

And if something does happen to your car, then you hold up your end of the threat.

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Old 06-26-2007, 02:04 PM   #22
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Default Re: Random Ass kid < my car

lol, that reminds me of this black cocky kid at my school, he will go up to people that are bigger than him, try and pick fights. He is really skinny but he goes up to the bigger guys and say that they need to gain weight. One time somebody was actually gonna fight him he didnt because he was a wimp. Then for sports when we would have to do running hed be like, "my back hurts, i cant run." and he has so many other excuses. Its really funny.

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Old 06-26-2007, 03:55 PM   #23
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Default Re: Random Ass kid < my car

just tell he straight "fk off!". if he doesnt get the message then get the law involved or use violence, then the fcuker will listen
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Old 06-26-2007, 04:14 PM   #24
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Default Re: Random Ass kid < my car

well if it was me what i would do is go kick the shit out of the little bitch.

but im in uk and ppl dont call police over gettin beat up.

so if u dont actually wonna fight him the best thing to do is get like 10 of your mates and just walk round with them in the places u usually see these little punks that way it shows them u have mates too and more of them that shud send him the message.

i got a lil story y we here.

it was at skool and we was walking to the shop to get some fags as we only me n my mate only had like 2 left so on way to shop we see like 5 older kids only by a year or 2 but they askes us for a fag we like only got 1 left and they keep like squaring upto us saying give us a fag or else so we give in the end just to save trouble. n e ways on way back from shop we meet them again and they ask for another fag and we like guys we told u we only had 2 left and u had 1 u should feel lucky. they dont listen and start pushing me n my mate so we push back and 1 of them gives my mate a little bitch slap and tells us to fuck off . out numebered we walk away with a plan.

next day me n my mate and all our other mates walk down to where we see them there was like 30 of us lol and they show up about 50 meteres away from us and just stop dead and we all start walking over to them so they run as fast as they can away.

our plan was never to have 30 of us jump them just to shit them up and teach them not to fuck bout with us. lol it was good times i mean can u imagine seeing the kid u tried to have fight with yesterday with like 30 other ppl lol they was bricking it.

what im sayin is u dont have to beat them up to teach them a lesson just intimidate them like hell!!
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Old 06-26-2007, 08:26 PM   #25
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Default Re: Random Ass kid < my car

my parents tell me its fine for a kid or a teen to fight another teen or kid but its not rite for an adult to fite a kid or teen. im fine. if i were you i would have gave the fckers a punch that sint enough to hurt them and say to stop. if they don't w/e. i would just fite unless they are cheap and gangbang.
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Old 06-26-2007, 10:09 PM   #26
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Default Re: Random Ass kid < my car

If you have to fight him, and you think that he will call the police afterwards, than after you win the fight, you tell him, you will spread it around town that he is a pus and ran to the cops cause his friends wouldnt help him out when he got beat by some random kid, lol. Just an idea.
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Default Re: Random Ass kid < my car

Originally Posted by freestyler105 View Post
Well if you do fight, as someone else said, always throw the first punch / make the first move.
You need to understand, Martial Artists live by a creed saying that they will not mis-use their training, which does include throwing the first punch in a fight. Martial arts are self-defense, not a bully class as my instructor used to put it.

Any mis-use of your training can cause a demotion, or revocation of black-belt certification if you are a black belt.
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Default Re: Random Ass kid < my car

just use a scare tatic, push him a couple times when he is alone, act like you actually want to fight.
if he wants to fight when he is back in his group just tell him youll beat em up.

Human Nature Lesson 101:
just because there is 3 of them and they know they will win they wont attack because all them think they will be the one getting punched
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Old 06-27-2007, 12:20 AM   #29
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Wink Re: Random Ass kid < my car


Well last night, my girlfriend and I went to the 9o'clock showing of Knocked Up.
This random ass kid, and is other two friends throw some shit ass sign they pulled off Cheveron and like 11 at night. They lie and say they threw it at some Denali or whatever.
But they throw it at my car. Ok I'm pissed. I pull around, and have a little chit chat with them. One is high, one drunk, and the one normal one stays in the back. I ask what their problem with me is, and the drunk one there is no problem, and nothing with the other one.

See whats in Bold? Good for you for confronting the people who through the sign at your ride. However, in the same aspect if you were confrontaional meaning (ready to kick some @$$) no wonder.

but anyways, i ask him what his problem is and stuff. He is all like "Dogg I don't even know you". I ask again "I don't know, maybe I do".

Meaning, I didnt throw it, my homeboy did. Also, don't be like that to me is what he's saying to you.
Then he said "Get on, you're wastin your gas". So I walk to my car, and he glares at me.
IMO, He's basically telling you to get your @$$ down the road before something happens.

Now today, he wants to fight me.
Thats because YOU confronted him and also he is probably completely sober right now, thats why he wants to fight you. He's not going to fight you when hes drunk (unless an angry drunk) or high (depends on which drug) or impared for that matter. If that dude wants to throw down with you beat his @$$.
WTF? I did nothing. He throws something at me, lies about it, and now i'm at fault.
In YOU'RE eyes you did nothing wrong. You're obviously not from the "other side" of the tracks.
Anyways, he does his thing, tells me where to fight him. Mind you I aim with my girlfriend again, so I am being as cool as I possibly can be. So I tell him I wont be there, and wont fight, and I walk away. (good of me, right?).
Sorry dude I disagree. The dude(s) wanted to fight you. you should have been right there, ready to throw down ready to fight.

Later, with out his friends, he comes back, walks thru the park, and wont even look at me. Not even a glance. Funny stuff!
If that dude was by himself you should have broke his jaw and his arm. Seriously, you should have ran right up to him as soon as you seen him and said "whats up now b1txh<" and punched him right in the jaw. As soon as he fell to the floor start kicking him in the face. Then get on top (in Full guard posititon) and ground and pound on his ass. Yes this is a true story, only down fall to this once the person hits the floor and YOU are standing up and you kick them or him them while their down on the floor the police will get you for assult & battery first degree misdemanor in the state of Florida that is. Thats how they got me.

[quote][b]So... If he touches my car I still cant do anything. (I'm a black belt with 6 years martial arts training) talk about lawsuit!.
So, if I called the cops, they get pissed and go after my car out of spite and the cops cant prove who did it, but I know and still cant touch them unless he touches me first. But yet, I know he wont.

Again, see whats in bold? You can touch that guy and beat his @$$ just make sure there are NO witnesses around when you do it SO IT WILL BE YOUR WORD AGAINST HIS. <--- THIS WORKS ALSO. OR Get him to come on your property (if at all possible) call him every name in the book and do what ever you have to get his ass over there (again, make sure no witnesses around) then bust his @$$. They way I look at he tried you he deserves an ass whooping.
BTW, you black belt in what? Karate? Tae Kwon do? Judo? Jiu-Jitsu? Perhaps BJJ?
<-----MMA fanantic!!!
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Wink Re: Random Ass kid < my car


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