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Default Raging at the computer hardware business.

Ok so here is my rant, let me know if you feel my pain.

Recently my "brand new" computer (in my sig) took a dump and I had to revert back to my 2.8 p4 HT, Radeon 9600 machine. It isn't too bad but I am extremely short on funds so I haven't had the money to get the other parts for my new one.

This machine plays COD4 PERFECTLY on medium-high settings. The frame rate is excellent, everything. I literally have not run into a game that this machine just flat out won't run.

So I "get" Mirrors edge, Burnout paradise, and fallout 3. I attempt to run all of these games, and every time I do... It crashes before showing me a single splash screen. I install mirrors edge only to find an error message that says... "Your video card does not support Shader model 3."

So I say to myself, "Ok I just need to update the drivers to support that."

But NOOO, shader model 3 is a hardware factor of the video card. And my video card is shader model 2 according to every source I have checked.

All three of these games flat out will not run because a few bits of memory in my video card dont output shader model 3.

So I did a little experiment...

I was doing some research and I found that there is a .ini file for fallout 3 that you could edit to make it run, without doing the check for shader model 3. I did the necessary modifications and got it running. Not to my surprise, the game ran PERFECTLY.

I know it is just business, and I have known it for a long time. But it just boils me to a point of endless frustration knowing that they can get away with releasing 1mb/1mghz of memory/processor updates at a time, knowing that we will keep buying it. And when they see the sales are going down, they pay off the game companies to start using a universal technology to force us to buy new hardware.

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Default Re: Raging at the computer hardware business.

Yeah I know, it does get very annoying

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Default Re: Raging at the computer hardware business.

Yup, it's one great big conspiracy by the hardware and software manufacturers to separate you from your money.
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