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Default Re: Question for drummers

yes, double headed pedal, each beater is driven by a seperate pedal.

you can see both his legs moving for a start. and he's clearly not crashing the hats together during that solo.

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Default Re: Question for drummers

Originally Posted by X1337
I have a question. When I play double kicks on a bass drum, I use my mussels and it only last 15 seconds before my legs start to hurt? what should I do. My uncle said dont use your leg mussels but he didnt what to use so what should I do?
If you want to help your leg muscles, to strengthen them and help in the long run, since what ive heard(correct me some-one, if its wrong), that you NEED to be fit, since it use's all of your body..not just your mind. Something like 90% of well being of your body of couse like strength(which of couse is state'n the obvious) Anyways --
My only suggestion since i aint(im not lol!) a drummer, is walk up and down hills, i mean big(or path's etc that is doing the job, and you can feel it) hills, work it lol!
Feel the burn and pain, trust me its worth it since you will get stronger. And use to it. Don't forget to start of slow, dont want to stuff up your carf's tho and do damage.
*Edit* Oh yeah and of couse, as the guys have said, practice!!
Thats all i got, for now, anyways..

Its perfect tho, when you think about it, i plan on doing that *everyday* when i move out of home & get my own kit'

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