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Default Question about putting micro sd cards into smartphones

If you buy a fresh new micro sd card ,can you just put it into any android smartphone and have it work like "plug and play"?

I ask this question because I put a micro sd card that I found on the floor In to a smartphone and it said "sd card damaged" " repair sd card. this will erase all data on the sd card".
So I hit yes and It did not work . Instead it put all these files with nonsense names that took up 80% of the sd cards storage and these nonsense files could not be erased even when I put the sd card in a computer (as if it were corupted or something).

The micro sd card already had android folders and music and other files on it ,so it must have already been in some other smartphone.

Is this why it messed up? or is it just more complicated to put an sd card into a smartphone than it is a tablet?

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Default Re: Question about putting micro sd cards into smartphones

SD cards should work "plug and play" but it is possible that the card may need to be formatted to work in a particular device. There's also the possibility that the device doesn't support that size of card inserted. For instance, a phone may only support a card size up to 64GB so if you insert a 128GB card, it won't work.

First of all, I'd like to point out that it is rather risky to put unknown sd cards or USB thumb drives into your computer or smartphone. There are people out there that put viruses on cards and drives, then leave them about for you to find. You plug it in and the virus is let loose on your system. It's best just to leave found cards with unknown histories alone.

It's possible the sd card is damaged and that is why when you tried to format it, things simply got scrambled. However, should you wish to pursue recovering the card, here is a link to various recovery programs that may help. 6 data recovery tools for SD cards, USB drives and more | Computerworld

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Default Re: Question about putting micro sd cards into smartphones

Lol never put things you find on the ground into any device or your mouth. Common sense.
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Default Re: Question about putting micro sd cards into smartphones

If I find an SD card on the ground I'm definitely picking it up.
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