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Default Product promotion from BIN LADEN!!!

Hey guyz I just looked arnd in the Sydney Morning Herald and guess what I found??? Laden actually promoted this American guy's book at the end of his video threat!!!

This is what I found out at the newspaper:

Osama the spruiker
Email Print Normal font Large font January 25, 2006 - 12:51PM

An unexpected endorsement from al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has resulted in a huge jump in sales for a book by a critic of US foreign policy.

William Blum's Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower was ranked 209,000 on Amazon.com's sales list before bin Laden mentioned it in an audiotape released last week. By Friday, the book was No 30 on the Amazon.com list.

Bin Laden said the al-Qaeda group was preparing more attacks in the United States but also told Americans, "It is useful for you to read the book The Rogue State."

"I was quite surprised and even shocked and amused when I found out what he'd said," Blum said in an interview with Reuters Television in his Washington apartment.

"I was glad. I knew it would help the book's sales and I was not bothered by who it was coming from.


btw, this is the link if you need it: http://www.smh.com.au/news/world/osa...066835148.html


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Default Re: Product promotion from BIN LADEN!!!

Even Mr Evil himself has a use now and again I see. Still, the sooner we get the prick the better. (In this case, I think I'm rightfully alowed to use the word 'Prick', I was gonna use something else, but downgraded it)

I think it's so cool how the internet has brought about such a way of comunicating worldwide. Sounds stupid and about 10years too late, but seriously, I've just thought about it the now. The fact that an Austrailian in Austrialia has just quoted a paper sitting infron of him to us all. LOL, right, i'll calm down now....
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