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Default Re: Please check out my e-portfolio

If the information is required for school that's fine - Then I'd just make a copy without it for things like this.

As for the perfect attendance award - It's fine if you get it every time (with the exception of maybe one or two as people do get sick). But as root said, only first and fifth raises questions. As an interviewer, I'd spend more time wondering why it was only on the first and fifth and not "wow, she managed to get perfect attendance on 3 of 5 semesters" As an interviewer, I would make sure that I asked about that - which hopefully doesn't open a door to personal issues beyond "I had a cold" as that's just awkward and awkwardness never bodes well for a follow-up.

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Default Re: Please check out my e-portfolio

Originally Posted by ComputerGirl90 View Post
For the record: people that school that I attend demands that my information be up there because I am looking for work. As for my awards my of classmates got jobs even with a perfect attendance award because it shows a company that you care about your life studies and that you take it seriously. So don't be criticizing me for my awards and yes I like to show off my successes
CV online is fine...

Why not strip out most of the personal details except for the name?

Usually when schools says in your CV you should list your achievements they mean in subject.

Like Maths (B), science (A* A*), English Lanaguage (C), English literature (B) etc

Nobody expects your 25 yard swimming certificate for form a part of your job application.
nobody expect pictures of your work, (unless you're studying art or design).

If you really want to list those awards to it in a more clever way:
First, take down the pictures of the awards, they don't look good given the glare etc...

add this section to your resume:

Awards and achievements:

English: Level : Grade : date
Maths: Level : Grade : Date
Science: Level : Grade : date
Other subjects...

You always list English, Maths Science first as those are the "core" subjects

For example my resume would read:

Education and awards:
School, Magdalane College School
English: GCSE: C, Awarded 1999
Maths: GCSE: B, Awarded 1999
Science: GCSE combined Double Award: A*, Awarded 1999
Business Studies: GCSE: B, Awarded 1999
Electronics: GCSE: B, Awarded 1999
Engineering: GCSE: C, Awarded 1999
German: GCSE: C, Awarded 1999
English Literature: GCSE: D, Awarded 1999
Religious Studies: GCSE: D, Awarded 1999

Other achievements:
Various awards for perfect attendance in semesters.

School, Magdalane College 6th Form

so on and so fourth...

for the Other achievements section:...
include what societies you have been involved in, what roll did you play in those societies,
e.g. member of RockSOC held position of treasurer during final year.

do list this by school, saying that you took part in extra curricular activities in high school for example and that has continued through higher education is impressive.

the people who knob about in school for 90% of their time, and then in their final year try to become events co-ordinator or president of the student union etc only do it because people tell them that extra curricular activities look good.

If I was looking at a CV that said
middle school, organised bake sale for charity.
High school, was member of team that organised prom
College, member of society, organised events and parties etc. that looks a lot more impressive than the person who at the last minute though, Oh shit I need to stop drinking and find something that looks good on my CV.

There is this general rumour that goes around that when at college university level the person who is NUS president or whatever in their establishment is instantly more employable as they show that they can organise projects etc along with their work.

It's only vaguely true. and without a lifetime of previous "wanting to be involved" type stuff in their "other achievements" it looks like they just wanted CV fodder.

anyway, do you see what I did there:

Other achievements:
Various awards for perfect attendance in semesters.

The thing is there are 6 selesters in a year, winter, spring summer, you've been at college for 2 years.

you only managed perfect attendance in 2 our of six, therefor must have had at least 2 days where you didn't show each year.

AT LEAST 2 days, could have been 20.

as a potential employer all I see there is that you can be expected to show up perhaps sometimes... other times you'll just be unreliable.

by saying,
I have various awards for perfect attendance.

You're not lying, various implies more than one, (you've got two), and they are for perfect attendance.
but it does engender a feeling that you're much more reliable (and therefore much more employable) than you actually are...

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