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Default Playing Mind Games With the Opposite Sex, Missing a Girl worth a Ring, please advise

hey all, i dont know who to ask here so i want to get some general oppinions from the ladies. First the run down: We definitely had a connection right off the bat. I know she felt things between us were what she was looking for. Then i veered off the trail and never found it again. I tried too hard basically (gifts, tickts to shows, but mostly too much attention) and made myself look like I was too easy to reel in, she's looking for a challenge im almost positive. The thing is i know what kind of person she is, i just dont know how to manipulate her into feeling there may be something worth taking a second look at between us. I also didnt spend enough time on the communication, and focused more on the physical, big mistake which I will never make again. I know if i can get that second look i can do things right the second time. There were never any fights, just awkwardness i guess. I basically cornered her one night asking her to come back and stay with me (she already had multiple times w/out sex) She declined (by declined i mean never got back to me and has made no effort to communicate with me since) and I havent talked to her since either, this was a few days ago. So ladies, please look at it like this, has there ever been a guy who (i am attractive, not to brag, but looks alone are usually enough) who has just seemed unattractive due to him seeming as though he was too easy to obtain? If so, has there ever been anything a guy has done to turn this situation in his favor and mayhaps make you think you wanted to take a second look at this guy? please advise, and please i know i will get half the people saying look for a different girl, I wouldnt be coming here asking for opinions if i didnt know what i wanted. this is what i want, and i cannot give up yet feeling like there may still be a possibility, im by no means heart broken, but i feel like im missing something that I should have had. Nirvana's - "half the man i used to be" is a good explanation of my emotional status right now thanks all, much props in advance

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Default Re: Playing Mind Games With the Opposite Sex, Missing a Girl worth a Ring, please adv

Dude, I haven't been in too many relationships, only 1 with an American girl, and I'm only 16. Additionally, the majority of the people here, not to be sexist or anything, are guys. Here is what I think this situation needs: A spark. You should surprise her with something she really likes and be honest with her. You can take it or leave it. It's only one advice.

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Default Re: Playing Mind Games With the Opposite Sex, Missing a Girl worth a Ring, please adv

For starters, I commend anyone else who took the time to read that enormous essay of yours like I did myself. To make a long story short it sounds like you spoiled her and threw too much at her at once, Giving her NO challenge, and Secondly you went straight for the love muffin..Am I right, Or have I gotten something screwed up?

Honestly, How old are you? Granted your young, I'm sure it's hard to not give up because of that hot box, But In all honesty, I would say your shots at a second change are nill to none. Once you give a women a painted perspective of who you are by actions, It's extremely hard to come around. Joga gave some good advice as well..Surprise her with something..Something from YOUR heart, Not ours, YOURS.

I'm not trying to give you a hard time nor beat you into the ground. I've been where you are many times, But in the end, It never worked out and it was truly a learning experience as to what NOT to do.

If your looking for a females perspective on things I would say your in the wrong forums as we only have a handfull of them. Let me point you in the direction of LovingYou.com forums. I went there YEARS ago when I was in the same boat as you.

Good Luck to you my friend.
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