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Old 08-10-2011, 06:25 AM   #21
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Default Re: PC vs. Consoles

amen to that

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Default Re: PC vs. Consoles

I love pcs I love playing a good game with all the settings on high, imo consoles cant match it but i do like the simplicity of consoles and sometimes i miss being able to use the controller so easyily.
Controllers are easy to hookup to a pc but not always easy to configure, I have to use xpadder alot.
One thing i hate is that pc gaming is so neglected in favour of consoles. I sometimes find it hard to find games in shops. Easy online but I hate waiting.

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Old 08-12-2011, 09:15 AM   #23
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Default Re: PC vs. Consoles

I am a both gamer. I play PC games, and I play Xbox games. I have always had consoles, since the NES (even my sister had an atari) I didn't get into PC gaming until 97-98ish.

PC games always seem bigger. Like more than 8 hours of gameplay.

Console games for the most part can be beaten in 8 hours and they want you to achievement hunt or whatever an usually have some multiplayer that they want you to buy the maps for.

I will say, that consoles are infinity easier to setup, to get online and to play with your friends. Messaging, chat, voice communications right there in a tap of a button. Also the ability to pop in a the disc and instantly join the game that your friend is playing.

To do that on PC you need at least 2 programs. VENT for voice communications, and most likely steam for the friends list and to see who is playing what. Although I think steam has a voice communications now?

I think those two points deter a lot of people from PC gaming, and why PC gaming has taken a huge hit. Its all about simplicity. If you can make it simple to plug in play with your friends, you are going to get the lion's share.

I.E Phones and apps. Are gaining a huge grounds in gaming. Its simple to use, plug and play, and who doesn't have a phone, and 1$ to spend for hours of gameplay.. I.E Angry Birds?

However, I still like the PC and the versatility you have with it..with modding, and console, and just being able to do whatever you want (like oblivion or fallout and modding the crap out of those)

I will say a few things: The only genre that is going to stay with PC's is RTS they alway seem really clunky on a console.

And when MMO's go to Consoles.. PC gaming is going to take a HUGE hit.

IMHO: DLC has killed the PC gaming and ( a little bit of gaming in general) no long are devs making full games, they are purposely leaving content out so you can then buy it later. Fallout New Vegas anyone? and I think that has really hurt PC gaming. A lot.

Also, I think the VISTA debacle really hurt pc gaming (for the short term) with the whole DX 10 then windows 7 then DX11. DX11 brought new cards on the market, for people who just bought the high end ones for dx10 A lot of people were frustrated by that.

And now Win 8 looks like poop and is not going to help PC gaming at all (I know windows isn't the only OS but lets be honest it holds the lion share for PC gaming) PC gaming really relies on what Microsoft does with Windows. If windows 8 isn't that good and comes out with DX12 its going to hurt the market. People don't want to shell out another 200-300$ for a new GFX card.

Lets face the difference between dx9 -11 is worlds apart. People want HD graphics 1080p which requires the latest and the greatest for 300$+ when a console costs that much and really good graphics.
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Default Re: PC vs. Consoles

depends what you want to use it for

If games, Console. But some games play better on PC and exclusivly on PC such as WOW

If multimedia PC
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Default Re: PC vs. Consoles

PC hands down. better graphics and games made for PC always have more content. Not games ported to the PC, games made for the PC, there's a big difference. Besides, controllers frustrate me, I am definitely a keyboard and mouse guy. I also believe you have more control with a mouse than a controller.

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