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Default Painful Dealings With Sky

Sooooo . . . . . . I'm still without broadband.

Heres my complaint email to Sky.


My name is Scott Catterall
My address is 53 .........
The first letter of my password is ......
My Sky account number is: .......

Now you should have all you need to access my account.

I would like to complain about the length of time it has taken for my broadband to be activated and the lack of communication internally between BT OpenReach and Sky.

I was first given an activation date for my Fibre Broadband installation of the 16th January. Having taken the day off work for the visit I was keen to get it up and running. The enginner arrived promptly and was very polite and helpful. He first connected a dial tone machine to my master phone socket and stated that he would be back shortly as he had to go to the phone line cabinet at the end of the road to look for the cable that was sending the signal that his dial tone machine was sending. After returning to the house he said he could not find it and reset his dial tone machine and went to check again at the cabinet. After not finding the cable again he returned and said that he was unable to find the cable and that he would need to contact the underground cable team for them to come and have a look. I was told that i would be contacted by them within "a couple of days". Later on in the day on the 16th i recieved a txt message stating that the engineer had attempted to attend for my broadband installation and i needed to re-schedule this and it also had the cheek to say that i may be charged for the missed appointment! I phone Sky to ensure that there would not be a charge due to this visit and explained exactly what had happened. The person on the phone was insistent hat it was because the broadband was not activated until 12 o'clock and the engineer was there at 8 o'clock. Having reluctantly accepted this as the reason for not having broadband another appointment was re-scheduled for the 22nd January. The engineer arrived again and proceeded to carry out the same test as the first enginner, he connected the "Dial Tone Machine" to my phone socket in my has and went to look for it in the telephone cabinet. He returned and stated he could not find the cable. He reset his dial tone machine and went off to the cabinet again. Returning shortly after to state that he could not find the cable and that the infamous underground cable team was required to come out. I have just tried to contact the broadband team to let them know about this and was ensured that my broadband would be activated by the end of the 22nd January. After explaining that the broadband should have already been activated on the 16th at 12 o'clock as per Sky themselves and explaining that the engineer had said that the problem is with the line from my house to the local phone cabinet I was no closer to getting my broadband activated.

I now need somone to ensure that this "underground cable team" does attend and does connect the required cable. I need this matter to be progressed and i need my broadband connection as soon as possible.

I would also like an explanation as to why after the first engineer visited the underground cable team were not sent out, insetad a second engineer came and reported the exact same problem.

I have had to take two days off work already for this and will be very dissapointed if i have to take a third day off.

This is very dissapointing and i'm very unhappy with the service (non existent) being provided.

I would like to be compensated for the two days i have had to take off of work.

Scott Catterall
and my conversation with the Sky live chat people . . . .

Jude: I have checked your account and see that the service will be activated on 22/01/2013, I request you to please wait till end of the day today and the service will be activated soon.

You: Jude with respect i have already been told my activation date was the 16th when an engineer visited and whilst on the phone complaining about this the first time i was told that it was because the engineer visited me on the 16th at 8am in the morning and i was told that it was activated at 12 o'clock that is why his visit failed. If it was activated on the 16th at 12 o'clock why is it not on now.

Jude: I really appreciate your patience and time in this matter.

You: Also from the feedback from the engineers this actually has nothing to do with the broadband activation date, they are saying that they cannot detect the phone line from my house to the local telephone exchange when they put a dial tone tester on it.

Jude: I understand your concerned, how important is your Broadband service for you.

You: I rely on my broadbvand service in order to work from home

Jude: Not to worry I will go ahead and update this information to your account and the service will be activated by end of the day today.

Jude: I apologise for all the inconvenience caused to you in this regards.

You: Jude i understand you have processes and procedures to follow but you are not quite understanding the problem.

You: Yes it is true that i do not have broadband BUT let's take broadband out of the picturee for the moment, the engineer in fact both enginners have come to my house and put a dial tone machine into the phone socket in my house, they have then gone down to the Fibre cabinet where my phone line should run and searched for the cable that has the dial tone machine connected to it in my house. They are unable to find this cable, therefore this cable has not been connected to the "other end" where it is supposed to be. So whther the broadband is "activated" today or two weeks ago if the engineer could NOT find the cable and HAS NOT plugged it in anywhere at my local phone exchange then the broadband will NOT come on

Jude: Just checking that for you now.

Jude: I completely understand that the Engineer has tried all the possible options to get your Fibre Broadband Up and Running. I wish to inform you that we are from Broadband and Phone technical team. We have limited access to your query. However, I check that the Broadband connection will go active today within 23:59 PM.

You: I appreciate you are limited on what you can do however please can you ensure that this conversation please goes on my sky account as i can assure you I will need to conatct yourselves again and i do not want to be repeating myself. For clarification the problem seems to be with the line running from my phone to the fibre cabinet at the end of my street.
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