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Default Re: Ouuuucccchhhh!!!!

Originally Posted by The_Necromancer
Yeah, my Ecology teacher was a special forces dude in vietnam and he has carzy storys, The army Secial forces teaches you to imagine the face 5 inches back so you have alot of force when you hit the nose, then you carry through and push the nose into the brain. HE also takes 20 pills a day b/c he was exposed to agent orange. He is a cool dude, super smart. And friggin strong. He has a bunch of crazy storys. Man I loved that class.
My uncle was in Vietnam too (for two tours, both of which he volunteered for, unlike what anti-war fanatics want you to think, a great majority of people actually volunteered for the Vietnam war).. plenty of horrific stories.. especailly with napalm which slowly melts your skin off. My uncle was a platoon commander but was also exposed to agent orange. They don't know if it is the cause but he passed away because of cancer a few years ago.

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Default Re: Ouuuucccchhhh!!!!

i hate thos stupid protesting hippies. they didnt only protest the war they also protested teh vets when they came home. can you believe them??? they protest people fighting for their country. i understand it wasnt a very good war at all, but theres no reason to go against the soldiers, cuz it wasnt their fault.

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Default Re: Ouuuucccchhhh!!!!

I agree to that, they had no choice really. But i think they were protesting the atrocitys commited by a minority of the soldiers, but they should not have protested against all of the soldiers.

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