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Old 07-12-2009, 04:09 PM   #21
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Default Re: Opinions on Drinking(Not age related)

Originally Posted by Kage View Post
Thing is, all the stories you hear related to alcohol, like people causing havok, falling over everywhere, etc, is just extreme.
I or no one I know would ever get that bad. Thats whats passed around though.

I'm lightweight, but can still have 4 or so drinks without falling over, and can still talk perfectly normal (even hold a better conversation that I would sober),

So I have NO idea how people get as bad as to not be able to talk/forgetting everything (I've never forgotten anything after a night out, but maybe its just me), falling over, becoming something I'm not, etc.
My minds still there. Its just influenced a bit, causing me to maybe do things I want to do, but can't when I'm always worried, etc in every day life.

So, if you are scared of drinking, even small amounts, because of what you hear, its all intensified dramatically, yet, in the streets in town, you'll see it happening from time to time.

Like last week, I saw some people, and one guy had passed out on the ground. It makes me wonder how much you have to drink to get THAT bad.

Different drinks I guess have different effects on people though.
I tend to drink vodka, but I've had gin before, and mixers with different things, and wine also (since I don't drink much wine, this actually has more of an effect strangely).

I've never been sick after drinking though, EVER, though I'm never physically sick even when ill
Yeah I pretty much agree with that. I don't see the point in getting drunk so that you are actually being sick, it just doesn't make sense to me

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Default Re: Opinions on Drinking(Not age related)

It's really not a big deal. There are pretty much no long term effects from getting trashed, as long as it's not every night. The worst you get is a hangover.

As long as you're not drinking enough to have to go to the hospital, you're pretty much fine depending on the circumstances (driving, etc). I mean even if you puke or pass out it's not the end of the world...

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Default Re: Opinions on Drinking(Not age related)

Originally Posted by superman22x View Post
Ok, first off, I don't want this to be age related, as in, nothing about drinking age.

So what do you think? Drinking is OK in moderation? Get drunk out of your mind at every party, and every chance possible? Don't drink at all?
Firstly your friend fails for mixing his drinks thats something ive seen so many people who think they are hardcore do and every time i am clambering over them to get out of the bar
Well im 18 for a start so in the Uk im now perfectly legal to buy and drink whenever i want
For me i drink for 2 reasons
1) If its a drink i really like the taste of that goes with food , be that a few glasses of wine a cider or a beer there i am not drinking for the effect but for the taste
2) If im with friends and i would like to drink socially for fun . Usually thats a friday night hanging out with my friends in a bar have a few drinks become merry have a fun time nothing more needed
Drinking to get out of my mind is very rare for me last time was after i found out my gf had been cheating and even when i drink out of my mind i have never thrown up from drinking too much but i have drunk so much i cant remember the night before

Its funny though ive seen so many people over here who havent drunk before 18 mostly from strict parents and once they turn 18 they go mad with it and end up passed out in a park their first night. Which is why when im a parent im going to make sure my kids know about alcohol before they go off drinking it on their own
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Default Re: Opinions on Drinking(Not age related)

^^ That seems smart to me. That's the way I try to be.

Another thing for me... I have diabetes, and alcohol messes with that a bit.

Last night I was at my friends graduation party, and his uncle was serving margaritas and pina coladas. I had a margarita. It was in like a full 10oz plastic cup though. I'm not sure how strong it was really. But it had a lot of suger too I assume. I had two of those, and some pina colada. The Pina colada was really good actually. Then I had 3 bud lights, lol. I don't feel abnormal at all today, and I felt fine last night. So I guess I had control there.
Then I here from my friend who mixed drinks and threw up, he had 15 shots of hard liqour... at a party with 8 kids, one of which being his sister. That seems a little extreme to me... bit wierd really, lol.
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Default Re: Opinions on Drinking(Not age related)

I'm 16 now, and I tried alchohol at around 14, under supervision from my parents... I rarely get "drunk", allthough I did learn my limits the hard way, at my brothers wedding...

That was pretty grim.
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Default Re: Opinions on Drinking(Not age related)

I have t laugh at this thread
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Default Re: Opinions on Drinking(Not age related)

drink as much as you can handle. i can handle getting very drunk, not like some people that cause fights, etc.

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