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Default OnLive

So they are coming out with this thing called OnLive, where if you have an entry level PC, you can connect via USB and play any high demand games. So you can play a game like Crysis as long as they have the rights. Might be able to port an Xbox 360 game, but probably not an PS3 game. The games will come out on the server the same time it comes out to shelves. You can pretty much use any controller thats able to be used on the PC.

Any entry level PC now will work whether with XP or Vista, while with Macs, you need an Intel based. Or if you dont have an entry level PC or higher, you can buy this one box that you hook up to your TV and internet, and play it that way.

Now for graphics, you need about 2Mbps connection for SDTV quality, or 5Mbps for HDTV quality. The quality will lower itself so you can run with 60FPS (as they say). The max resolution for the monitor is 1280 x 720 (720P).

They allow you to let people watch you play if you allow them, and you would know how much people is watching, and you can watch people play too, and they can see your best moments and your worst moments and vice versa. You hit the "Bragclips" to save the last 15 seconds of your game play onto your profile. Could also limit your spectators.

They have 9 game publishers thats going along with this. Which are Atari, Codemasters, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Epic, Take Two, THQ, Ubisoft, Warner Bros.

They wont release the games list yet, but they will release closer to the release date of this, which is winter 2009. They will announce some on the GDC conference. There is an basic fee (theres also optional), they wont tell us how much, demos are free. They will allow developers to create a game for the server, which can be pretty cool.

There will be lag when there are a lot of people playing on the servers, so they have to figure it out how to keep it lag free. They said they made it to where if you paused the game, it would pause as you are actually playing the game on your PC/TV. Took 7 years to develop and its one of the latest technology.

*NOTE* couple of these information can be wrong as I kind of typed while I listened.

I wont be able to run this since i only got 150kbps, and I dont think I really mind since I am an PC enthusiasts and my computer can run the games I want on high settings, and I dont have to pay an online fee.

I dont know how well this is going to work, but I wouldnt assume its going to work that well. PC gamers sometimes wants to mod their games and have lan parties and stuff. Some people will just get the service to play one game, and cancel their membership since most games are usually multiplat now.
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