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Default Re: Official Crysis Demo Info!

Originally Posted by superman22x View Post
You wont need a new rig for awhile. The resell value on your parts will def. drop, but they have already made there initial price drops. If its been a year, maybe upgrade the mobo, because that will allow for tons of other upgrades in the future. Like a dual-core processor. But you probably wont need a while new rig for 3 years or more, depending on how yours is going. Just make a plan of upgrade. I knew from the start I was going to get a DX10 graphics card in about a year from when I started, and that year is almost up. Set off maybe $200 a year to do whatever upgrades are desperatly needed. But hey, its not graphics, but gameplay that really matters. Ram is one thing thats fairly cheap to upgrade, but comes with HUGE beefits. But like I said, for you, the first thing I would do is a new mobo, which would probably mean new ram seeing as you have ddr not ddr2. But its not too critical yet, your system is still a very good one.

Well if I’m going to upgrade, il prob do it all at once, I mean if I would to get a mobo now, and then 2 month later the new NVIDIA's 9800 card comes out, that supposable will use a new PCI-Express 2.0 feature, some people say u will need a new a mobo that can support it = me again with an outdated pc . That’s just an example. Single core is kind of slow, all the new games that are coming out is 2 much for a single core. The only thing that is holding me back for now is I mainly play CS 1.6, WoW & BF2(sometimes) so my computer can play all of them on HIGH, but I had my eye on Crysis for some time now, and single core and dx-9 vid card is just not going to do it. Il prob wait til november, that way i can save up more money and get the 9800 when it comes out.

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Default Re: Official Crysis Demo Info!

9800 wont be out til next year. No point in releasing it yet. We can barely use the full power of the 8800GTS let alone GTX and Ultra.

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