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Default And now you know the rest of the story

Any of us old timers remember Paul Harvey. His syndicated radio show was a real inspiration for his loyal listeners. And it's a real joy to listen to recordings of his many shows and speeches he gave. Some of you may remember his So God made a farmer speech which was later used as part of a ad campaign by Dodge for their Ram trucks. It's stirring to listen to it.

I was listening to his stories about what some famous people went thru as youngsters leading up to what they did with their lives. I stumbled on this and was glued to my chair for the time the story took to run its course. I'm not embarrassed to admit Harvey could dig out back ground stories and little known tidbits of facts that would have me wondering, How the hell did he find that out? Magician's secrets I guess.

Any way I had the question of how a person could thank some one that had served in the military asked of me. I don't need thanks for doing what I did. In comparison to what the founding fathers did and what they sacrificed, I did nothing but my obligation as an American citizen. I donated a little of my time and sweat. I came home wiser, a little worse for wear, and thankful I had gotten out alive. But our founding fathers gave everything they had. Their fortunes, their families, and their lives to give birth to an ideal they held so dear that it was worth the sacrifice. Liberty...

Watch this video and learn a little something about those that signed The Declaration of Independence. The ones that gave all they had to give.


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Default Re: And now you know the rest of the story

Wow Now that is a real Gem my fiend! Thank you for sharing that! I'm sure there aren't very many of us that knew those things. They certainly gave their all for their country.I was always a Paul Harvey fan and and I use his saying a lot.
" And now you know the rest of the story"
I also served my country USAF 1958_1962 ( Cuban Crisis) Thanks to Kennedy we got through that. It was very touchy at times!! Then my commander was shot 1963 November 22. That was the year my son was born. War is Hell and no one wins.
Men love to hate and it will never change!!

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Default Re: And now you know the rest of the story

Wow... that really was amazing. And thank you for your post setichock. I will always feel like I owe you guys, but its a debt that is impossible to repay. I am slowly realizing that. I would have inlisted, and almost did. My vision was fadeing, but I had no idea how quickly I would lose so much of it. If there is a timeline where I did enlist and then lose most of my site over the course of a year, that alternate version of me is dead.

Rambling and still only talking about myself. Bah, really bad habit.
Point is, the best that I can do is thank you and everyone else who put their lives on the line for what you guys did, and actually mean it. You hear it so often that it feels more or less like people are just saying it in an off handed way. I mean it with all of my heart. And again, my feelings to soldiers do not in any way reflect my feelings about the politics, for reasons that I believe should be obvious.
Will have a youtube channel up soon. Link will be here if I remember.
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