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Default Re: Need help, my girl cheated on me.....

No right or wrong answer. But here's what I think...

Originally Posted by Jenox's Term on Serious Relationships
Serious Relationships in Jenox's terms: A serious relationship is one built off of serious matters, highest example given is financial issues, the second being living together. A SERIOUS relationship is one where you are living with your partner, committed to that one partner only, and can provide for yourself as well as your partner. A serious relationship generally consists of older, vastly more mature people, typically ones with jobs that are full time, both partners at one time live on their own and are FULL adults, (i.e can provide entirly for themselves).

EDIT: I'd like to also add that serious relationships due fail, i.e cheating, stress, etc etc, they can fail like a regular relationship. However, a SERIOUS relationship is just that. It's serious. it means it's going places, it's binding the two partners together even deeper and stronger then ever before. A serious relationship to me is one built off of adult lives and adult circumstances. Examples are two partners moving in together, that is VERY serious. You combine incomes, you actually live with them, you learn more about your partner via a move in then you probably could anything else.

Serious relationships to me are the ones that lead to marriage or some life long commitment. Anything other then that is just a regular relationship, a fling, or some other term used to describe significance to another but not server significance i.e dating but don't plan on staying together forever. Although you have to start out regular to go to a serious relationship, because that's what builds your basic foundation for friendship and trust, without any of those, you're doomed.

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