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Default Name of Hercules (I think) video game circa 2000? Please help me remember!

It was the days of my family's first computer, one of these puppies. http://buy-sellelectronics.com/main/...ust/COMPAQ.jpg

It either came with the game or we bought it, and it was so much fun. From what I remember you were Hercules and...man I remember just a little bit...you went on various islands and did various tasks and eventually rescued Helen of Troy. One of the missions you had to open a wooden lock type thing by rotating wooden discs. Another was arranging a maze so the minotaur couldn't kill you. Another mission you had to defeat...damn it what is her name? The chick with the snake hair who if you looked at her you turned to stone, you had to kill her in one level. Another level you had to like...talk to a guy with the wings on his feet or something, there was a level or part of the game with the trojan horse. And one of the last things you had to do was go down a tunnel way with had like 10 3 way works, all of which you had to determine which tunnel to go down or something...man I remember so little about the game but I remember it was very fun and was a lot of problem solving, not just button mashing.

PLEASE try to help me remember the name of this game I want to buy it again!

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Default Re: Name of Hercules (I think) video game circa 2000? Please help me remember!

That sounds really familiar.

btw the snake girl is Medusa
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