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Default Re: My thoughts on a few things..

Lol good

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Default Re: My thoughts on a few things..

cya hunter

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Default Re: My thoughts on a few things..

Bahawolf, I am sorry, no disrespect to your post, but this post is wayyyyy OD, you said a lot with very little substance.

Does post count matter that much?
Post count, who cares really? Why are you concerned that much? Some people are going to post a lot, some aren't, thats life on internet boards. Some people think that its some sort of status symbol or e-fame, if they have a high post count, some don't thats life, who really cares. Some reply to every post, some don't. Thats the way internet boards work, I am a member of boards with people over 200,000 posts, and people with 5 posts, who cares. As far as I know as long as you are not taking advantage of the system, and/or breaking the rules, people can post as little or as much as they want. I mean you don't need a damn novel to reply to a thread, some only require a simple yes or no answer. I don't see the big concern with this, its a non issue.

Recent community abuse
It should be pretty obvious, beacuse it is the internet we are dealing with here, you are going to get young, immature, foolish, spammers, unruley people, threats on EVERY message board on the internet on a daily basis, most of these are empty threats/issues, its the internet people, its gonna happen. If you think you are going to have a community of sunshine/rainbows/balloons/little puppies and vanilla ice cream everyday, where everybody gets along all the time, you don't know the internet that much and are living in an ignorant world. The internet is a huge diverse community, with a wide range of different types of people, you are going to have tussles here and there over things, and people with low self esteem attacking others to make themselves feel better, its gonna happen. We as community members need to deal with that in a manner of not giving those type of people the attention they want, because most just want the attention, and by not replying to there meaningless posts, and let the mods deal with it from there.

Disrespect of Moderators
The Mods issue, that is a personal decision of theres, nobody is forcing any mod to mod these boards, ever. They donate there time by choice, they are not forced by any means. They should know what they are getting into before accepting that responciability. On that note, any mod is foolish in thinking that they are not going to be targeted by some of the negative people I mentioned above, and everything in between. They are in a "power" position, and it is human nature in society to challenge people in "power" positions or say things against people in power (president, police, your boss at work ect) its all human nature, its gonna happen. Most of it comes from jealousy. Its not a perfect world, plus its the internet, you are going to get all sorts of tools that just want to start crap with people because they can. You have to have some confidence and a little attitude to manage message boards, and the mods are going to get targeted by people who disagree with what they do on a daily basis. Once again its all part of the internet message board world.

By ArrizX-Post count may matter to most. But it also can show a sign of respect. Really, say your new here. Would you take advice from someone with 3 posts, or someone with like 5,000? That is one reason for post count. Although, posts shouldnt be counted in certain areas of the forum. But, I see alot of memebers that are here, and ONLY post here in the social lounge. Its really annoying. They just want a high post count. But for what? There is no reason, because they arnt being constructive in anyway. But whatever.
Sorry I have to disagree, your reply has little to no validity to it. If you are going to respect a person more by how many post counts they have, you are not taking into consideration many important factors, and looking at things very one sided. Thats just plain ignorant. Say a person with a high post count, lets say 5,000, lets say this person just replies to threads here and there with little or no substance, offering no input or help on anything, no fresh ideas and just basically answers questions with yes & no answers? You are going to respect that person more?? Please. More than somebody that has 25 posts, but that offers insight, input, help, assistance, and ideas on topics with plenty of substance? More than somebody that actually stands out and has there own opinion on things, and not just goes with what everybody else is saying? That just sounds like tripe to me. I take advice from people that are mature, insightful, offer input, help, assistance, and ideas on topics with plenty of substance, no matter if they have 2 posts or 20,000, its your words and actions on a daily basis that define you as a person, not post counts.

By ArrizX But, I see alot of memebers that are here, and ONLY post here in the social lounge. Its really annoying. They just want a high post count. But for what?
By saying this you are also casting a negative stereotype on people that ONLY post in the social lounge of these boards. You are saying, because they only post in the social lounge, that they are annoying and only want high post counts, how do you know that, thats ignorance right there. Some people may only enjoy the social lounge, or prefer not to talk about computers/games/software/hardware in the other areas on here on any given day. I don't think thats a fair stereotype to cast on people. By that rationale, you are basically casting me in that stereotype as well, I only post in the socail lounge because I happen to really like the people that frequent that area, plus I like most of the topics posted, its not because I am after a high post count, thats just asinine.
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Default Re: My thoughts on a few things..

Hey guys.. I made this thread to address a couple concerns of mine. I've been with CF for approximately a year now, and in that year I have not seen such things happen.

I hope that my point of view is not percieved wrong. I am not attacking anyone personally, at all, as I do believe the issues we face are as a result of the people of the community, and only as a community shall we fix them, together.

Okay, so lets begin going over some of these issues..

Disrespect of Moderators
I've seen this to be a somewhat growing issue, in some of the newer threads that have begun to sprout amoung ComputerForums. I'm upset that it has come to the point where the members of CF will actually insult the people in control of running things at CF.

The moderators of CF volunteer their time for free, and are responsible for keeping the community clean and enjoyable for us. I respect them for that, because without the proper moderators, CF would not be a place I'd enjoy to be. I like to consider CF to be like a real community of people, where we all can have intellectual discussions, and learn from each other. Although, every community has its sour apples as well, and thats where the moderation team comes in and helps out..

Regardless, if you like the personal member or not, I think you owe them respect for everything they've done (respecting regular members is as important as well).
I agree. Moderators do take their own time for free, just to clean up the board. If there were no moderators, wow, CF wouldn't be as organized as it is today.
Does post count matter that much?
It seems to be a growing idea that people need to achieve this large amount of posts for respect, or power. As a result, I've seen more and more threads / replies with really no productivity. I think that it might be rooting down to this idea of power related to the post count.
As some of the other members said, people do trust people with higher post counts, like 4,000 instead of 2 or whatnot. But it doesn't really matter all that much
I hope that eventually people stop with this attempt just to increase their post count, as it really proves nothing and in the end just adds more junk to the community. Instead, post a thread / reply with productive meaning, or advice or begin to help out the members when you can.
By the way.. I know a lot of people post frequently, and their post count doesn't matter to them. If you don't think this pertains to you, it doesn't.
I don't really care about my post count. I barely even look at it.
Recent community abuse
Recently the community has been abused in several ways including spam, threats, and in one case, an actual cracking attack. CF has and will continue to bounce back from these incidents.

I'd like to ask that everyone involved in the planning or execution of these acts reconsider before doing so, as your not adding to the community in any positive way, and your just causing more trouble for yourself.
Some people probably find it amusing to attempt to spam a message board. Others just do it because their bored... or have nothing better to do. But I agree, its better to contribute to the message board, instead of ruin it for the members and put more work on the moderators.
How far does loyalty go?
As far as recent events cover, I've been asked by multiple people who have been banned or mistreated, to 'fight' for them to come back. I'd like to explain my point of view so that you'll understand my choice to remain neutral on these issues.

As the person I am, I do not engage in any fight or argument until I've heard both sides completely and can make an unbiased decision. Now, in most cases, I only hear one side and I simply can't make a fair judgement with that without having the facts presented from the other side. With that said, I simply wouldn't fight for you to come back..

Another reason I would not fight for you to come back is I'd like to prevent being banned myself. In most cases, posting controversial issues will cause issues and fights, and I'd like to prevent such things on this community as its not needed.

If you ask me to, and I know the facts, I don't see a problem in defending anyone but I need to know the facts from both sides first. And, I will not fight to the point of causing problems. The most I'd do is state my point of view, and let it be done with that.. then its the moderator's / administrator's choice.

For some of you this bit will make sense but for most of you, it probally won't.
I haven't been asked by any banned members to help them, so I guess this doesn't really apply to me.
Okay, I'm going to conclude with the fact that all I'd like to see is this community prosper. I would go to any extent to help out CF with that goal, and I know most of the members would agree on that point. I just see a few issues that are creating controversy, and I believe that some people need to realize them and stop them before they grow to create bigger issues.

Please remember that this is not a personal attack in any way to anyone, and as always I would not like to argue with anyone. With that said, please post only respectful replies and no flaming please.
I agree
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Default Re: My thoughts on a few things..

I've been asked several times in the past to lunch spam accounts, give poeple my account information all so they could do attacks aganist CF, my noraml reply is "Its a computer forum, its not life it won't decide if you die or not theres more then one go find a new one"

On mods i've never abused a mod I don't think...

On spam, I admit I spend a lot of time in the social lougue however I don't really spam... My posts in fact maybe 50 or so are one liners. I try to give each one of my post some meaning. I don't want it to be like "i'm with him" type deal I want it to be like "I'm with him, BECAUSE...." Also a lot of posts of come from my own threads that I make which really turned into some of the most interseting plotical debates on this forum several members on this community can tell you about them. Nate being one, root as well.

How do you gain respect? Is it by post count I don't think so i've seen some really respectful members with low post counts its what your posts mean. I mean heck I can spam the crap out of this forum and get a high post count easly... Its not too difficult, I don't do it. Mainly because I see no point in it, I mean so what you got a high post count? O WOW! Or somtimes high posts such as UID actually mean somthing. I was in fact going report himfor spamming until I went back and looked at his posts, I was like WOW this guy really knows what he is doing.

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