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Angry My Counter Strike Match last night.

Yesterday my team had a CEVO-im match in CS 1.6. (CEVO is a league where your team can compete in different online games, but it mostly known for CS 1.6 & CS:S. Unlike CAL league, CEVO actually pays the winners). The match consist of 2 teams, 5 players on each team playing two different half’s of the match, one as T (Terrorists) and CT (Counter terrorists). First half ends when a combined total of 15 rounds been played, and second half ends when one of the teams has a total of 16 wining rounds in the game. (Both half’s combined)

The map that we played was very T sided map. (Forge) We started out as CT and lost 1st half 11 – 4 them. Second half we totally dominated them! Almost every round we would rush & take B site, there was nothing that they could do to stop us! We had such a great momentum going, you should have seen us! The score T side was 11 – 2 (15-13 us), if we would to win 1 more round, the game would be over and we would have a new perfect record of 3-0-0 this season, so far. On that last round we took out 2 of there guys & they did the same to us, but we had a big advantage, we had guns that round (m4a1’s & AWP) and they were saving because we won 10 round in a row so they had no money to buy weapons. It was 3vs3 (us with guns) we took the b site once again, and then from nowhere LAG! LAG! LAG!. The server was getting “packeted” someone was purposely making it lag. The lag was so bad that no one could even move, after 20 seconds the server stopped responding. We new immediately that it was the other team who did that, but we didn’t saying anything because we had no proof. Everyone reconnected, and after speaking to a CEVO admin we were told that “In a case of a server crash all the current winning rounds stay the same and an overtime config (OT) needs to be execute.” Basically what it does it gives each player $7200 start money. You guys can probably guess the rest. We replayed that last round, both teams had guns & our momentum was gone. We lost 2 rounds in a row. The score was 15-15 and we had to execute a real OT config where 2 half’s are played 5 rounds each, and first team that gets 5 wins win the match. Long story short is we lost in overtime.

What's killing me the most is if we would of had 40 more seconds we would of won the match. I have a screen shot where me and my teammate took the b site from 2 different angles and this was right when the server lag began, our aim was right on one of the other teams player, we would have killed him there is no questions about it. We would have planted the bomb, 30 seconds countdown and them BOOM! we win the match.

This was the first time that I had witnessed a team doing something this pathetic in order to win the match. We had lots of experience where teams try to dispute us after the match in order to get a free win, but that never worked because all of us know the rules and always have our demos & SS. I was really frustrated about this last night, we spend long hours practicing for this map just to loose to a bunch of hackers. There team was good, they had about 3 X CAL-I players on there roster and we would of won if it wasn’t for them crashing the server. Right now we are trying to get some more info on the crash so that we can then provide this info to the CEVO admins, but with ought having an IP address that can be linked to one of the players on the other team I don’t think there is anything that can be done.

Just thought I’d share my last night experience with you guys.


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Default Re: My Counter Strike Match last night.

I got banned from a server for having a picture of a penis as my spray.

My word is bond and bond is life and I will give my life before my word shall fail.
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Default Re: My Counter Strike Match last night.

Originally Posted by Illmatic View Post
I got banned from a server for having a picture of a penis as my spray.
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Default Re: My Counter Strike Match last night.

wow that sucks man =/
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Default Re: My Counter Strike Match last night.

Originally Posted by J03 View Post
I agree.
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