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Default Re: Music gone.. X-files *plays x-files theme song*

Its still happening...:|

Originally Posted by Tommy Boy
have you listened to those songs in a while? perhaps you deleted them a while back and you just forgot that you did? or maybe you never downloaded them at all, you thought about it, you wanted to, but you never really got around to it, and maybe that made you think later on that you did actually download them, when in fact you did not.
I've done that before.
Because I don't see how exactly they could get deleted unless you or someone else did it. unless you have a virus or something.

And I don't believe that the FBI would access someone's computer and start deleting music, they wouldn't do that to me. ..............they gotta get into my computer first........
Yep, i listen to them like everyday at least(well..past tense..did) Thats why i noticed them gone missing.
And i hope that i aint got a virus or something bad like that :|..
Knowing my luck i prob have and then ill be stuck without a comp for like ages! better not..*grrr* {even without like a week or not even that i get computer withdraw(sp)} lol ..

Originally Posted by mark thorpe
thats really weird..... i cant think what would happened to them then... you sure you didnt delete them? lol. if not, then its time to play the x-files music!
Im really really sure i didnt delete them..

/me gets me tin foil hat... :\ and looks out the windows and closes curtins and makes sure no light comes in...
me scared?...ohh noooooooooooooooooooo ...

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