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Moblie United Nations

We had a big conference today. Basically the club runs like the United Nations you speak in formal form like The delegate believes or "COUNTRY" believes etc. Today we had 2 offical debates one about child soliderse which is in my first paragraph and then we had a debate about the embargo on cuba, then we had a informal debate one what as teenagers could do to slow down drug usage not governmental wise. We had a lot of russians, a lot of czechs, a few brits, and a couple germans and a LOT OF AMERICANS.

I was like a main speaker for my school, considering I think I took the floor 5 or 6 times and I made points at least 8 times.

The child solider debate was the most interseting even though I thought Cuba was going be more fun. I presented a really good speech on how they are used as landmine clearers I think I saw one girl getting kinda touched. And which countries do it and such. My fav parts were when a guy representing somila took the stage. He went we are aganist child soliders! So me knowing full while he knew extermely little of the topic because if he would of known more about it, he would of kept quite... I simply stood and said that his country used child soliders a lot in the conflict with America, he yeilded the floor to the chair after that. Then the a man came up from the caribean respresenting some country I forgot well he stated that they needed child soliders because of their small population size in the event that they are invaded. I crushed his point by saying that the United States has national secuirty intersets, and econmical intersets in the country due to its geographical location therefore if in the rare event some country would invade America would back them because it'd be in their own best interset. He kinda stumbled on that one and I was able to put him on the spot.

Cuba was kinda boring I don't think the cuban respenstive had a clue what they were doing sdince they disagreed with the resolution and just kept on objecting to comments made about cubas leader. I myself crushed the Unitied States when the reprsentive stated that they do not trade with communist powers. I stood and simply said "Romaina would like to put out America's largest trading partner which has been noted for its human rights violeations and commuist government china..." He simply went China and Cuba are different, I couldn't reply because teh UN bans that practice inf ormal debate to prevent insults and such so I wrote a note to Poland to bring ask the question whats the difference between China, and Cuba he said ones closer and is more of a threft then I got my buddy who was I believe brazil or somthing say "China has 1.2 billion poeple with a heavy industry, Cuba has a few million at most and a pretty much undeveloped industry, granted China's navy isn't large, but with its industry couldn't china be as more as threat to United States secuirty then a few million cubans?" United States rep yielded the floor to the chair.

And yes it was a pretty interseting debate, I found that a lot of poeple were to nervous to do public speaking. Other then that I flirted with a lot of Russian chicks.
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