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Default MSDN License - Windows Azure


Apologies i was in a split mind between this i had one of these threads a couple of weeks ago and didnt know whether to bring the old one back or create a new one?

I've just thought of a new question that someone here might be able to help me with.

I have an MSDN Professional license through work and this morning i've been playing with Windows Azure, well apprently i get a "load" of free stuff from them with my MSDN license, the question is can anyone tell me (or show me a link) to exactly what i get for free on Windows Azure with my MSDN Pro license?

The reason i ask is that i've now managed to create 1 (of i believe 100+) SQL Databases without a cost, created a 14Gb 8 Core Virtual Machine without any cost. Hosting 1 of i believe 25 Websites, without any cost. File Storage and all sorts.

It just seems like whatever i do on here, it isn't telling me it's going to cost. . . . . . HOWEVER, the thing i'm concerned about is in order to activate this membership i did have to put my bank details in. I'm posotive that throughout all i've been doing it hasnt once said it's going to cost you X amount a month, but i'm suspicious that they have my card details and i seem to have access to a hell of alot without any charge?

This is the quote from their website, and i do have this 0.00 spend limit on my account but i'm still a little worried. I don't like companies having my bank details for a service that isnt meant to cost anything?

We require a credit card or debit card for sign-up. For all new subscriptions, there is a $0 Spending Limit on your subscription so you do not accidentally exceed the monthly benefit shown above. If you use more in a month than the above amounts, you will exceed your $0 Spending Limit and your service will be disabled for that month. If you choose to turn off your Spending Limit, any usage each month in excess of the monthly benefit will be charged at the standard Pay-As-You-Go Rates. Read more about Spending Limit.
Apologies to lenghten the thread a little more but this is all i can find: Windows Azure Special Pricing: MSDN, MPN, and Bizspark Benefits and it doesnt appear to list anything about Virtual Machines or Web Hosting
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