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Old 08-16-2010, 07:07 PM   #21
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Default Re: Moving out?

With our TV package, whatever it is has BBC America and some other BBC channels. I rarely watch TV since I just download everything lol.

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Default Re: Moving out?

I just moved into my apartment. My first off campus apartment. I lived with 1 roommate the first semester of last year. I hated it because he was so messy. Got my own apartment the second semester. So much better. Getting a roommate all depends on the type of person you are. I am a very independent person that likes to keep it moderately clean. I could have tried my luck with a different roommate, but I didn't feel like bothering.

My expenses now:
Apartment rent: $600/month
Electric: Estimated $100 or so/month (haven't gotten my first bill yet)
Water: Estimated $25/month (haven't gotten my first bill yet)
Car insurance: $142/month
Clear internet: $40/month
Netflix: $18/month
Cell Phone: Free (family plan with uncle and aunt, they pay $10/month for me)
Then there's gas and food which completely varies how much I drive and go to the store.
I hope that's it. My car is paid for in full, so no car payments.
Renters insurance is like $200 a year or something like that. Then I have personal property insurance for my computers and stuff (no deductible) for $42/year. That paid off by getting me $150 when my old server mobo died.

Crap...lol That's the first time I've added it all up. I wouldn't be able to do it without financial aid. After paying for books and school I get enough money back to pay for almost 2 months of rent I think. And that's per semester, so I get 4 months of rent paid from fin aid. Helps me save a little.

Getting stuff setup costs a ton. Bunch of deposits here and there. $195 for apartment. $195 for electric. $111 for internet modem and activation.

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