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Default Re: More car audio..

Im still amazed, someone who knows as much as you, didnt know that you can burn a mp3 cd...Its all good, we learn something new everyday.

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Default Re: More car audio..

Get the deck im getting


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Default Re: More car audio..


this is the kind of player you mean/
as someone said earlier, it just plays data CD's that have MP3 data on them, if you create an audio CD in nero it just encodes the tracks to the CDA format that normal audio CD's use, like a home CD player (or personal CD player) (assumeing those aren't MP3 capable).

the one that I linked to also has the capability to play MP3s from MMC or SD memory cards and USB sticks, and also has a jack socket input so that you can plug your Ipod (or other generic music player) into the stero so that it comes out of the car speakers.

(that is the stero that I was going to get)...

but instead I bought a dedicated MP3 car jukebox since I hate having my cd's in cars since they get scratched cracked broken and left in the sun to warp...
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Default Re: More car audio..

A 93 lumina eh? Well I've worked on GM's my whole life when it comes to stereo systems and let me tell you, it's going to be way easy. If all you are doing is upgrading your head unit to a cd deck and just using your stock speakers then all you will have to do is buy:
1: The cd deck of your choice
2: An Installation kit to fit the cd deck into the huge opening of the GM radios. (Walmart)
3: A wiring adapter that you connect to the wiring that comes with the cd deck and then just plug it into the stock connector on your car so you don't have to cut the wires in your car. Don't worry, it's easy, the wires are all color coded. (walmart also)
4: An antenna adapter (should come with the wiring adapter)

Thats all you'll need
To remove your stock radio you'll need to remove the molding around it which usually has a few screws or maybe pops out with some clips on the back. There you will see how the stock radio comes out, either 2 screws on the top with a bracket, or 2 screws on the sides with brackets. Just remove them and pull out the radio and unhook the connections.

To install the new deck, you'll have to look at the cd installation kit you bought and find out which brackets from the kit you'll need to use for your particular car. Then you'll need to install the metal sleeve that came with the cd player into the installation kit and bend the appropriate tabs so that it holds it securely in place. Then you install the installation kit into the dash and replace the screws, holding it securely in place. Now all you need to do is plug the stock wiring connector into the connector you installed on the back of the cd player and plug in the antenna adapter. Then slide the deck into place in the dash until it clicks and install any trim pieces that come with the deck and you'll be all set! Reinstall the molding onto the dash and you'll be done! The deck will come with removal tools that you will need to use to get it out in the future, consult the manual as to how those work.

It really is pretty easy once you've done it. I have a 97 Lumina, and have had a Grand Am and an older Cavalier, and they all were a snap to do stereo's in.

If you are planning to get a sub, then you'll have to get an amp along with the sub and use the preamp outputs on the back of the deck and run the wiring back to the trunk or wherever you are putting your sub. For that you should get an amp installation kit (walmart too).

Hope I helped...any questions just PM me, I'll be glad to help.

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