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Default Re: Microsoft News.

Originally Posted by TRDCorolla
Apple iPod is destroying the competition. They are the OWNAGE right now in portable MP3 players. I would love to see Microsoft come out with something that can rub it in Apple's face. Competition is good.
Depends what your definition of ownage is. Yes, the iPod is dominating the market, but does that mean it's better? No.

The Zen Vision:M OWNS the iPod Video when it comes to the technical stuff. How?

1.) The Zen Vision:M supports the video formats that MATTER (WMV, DivX, XviD etc.), unlike the iPod Video which supports one obscure video format that barely anyone has heard of.

2.) Battery life kills the iPod Video's...it's not even funny. iPods are infamous for their crappy battery life.

3.) Screen color OWNS, hands down. Both have 2.5" LCD screens that play at a resolution of 320 x 240, but the Vision:M displays a WHOPPING 262,144 colors compared to the iPod's 65,536.

4.) FM tuning/recording and photo-zooming. Things that iPodders would covet. Too bad.

5.) Password Content Protection. That's right...it's not just a mere screen lock, you can actually choose ANYTHING to lock with a password. Just in case you have something not meant to be found...you know what I mean.

6.) Creative has the patent for the UI, which Apple is suspected of imitating, so Steve Jobs may have to pay royalties for EVERY iPod made. Yay, stick it to the man! Haha. Becides, Creative did really come out with the first hard drive based MP3 player and the first UI based on the heirarchial selection thingy or whatnot.

Back to the topic, I hope Microsoft comes out with something good...a MP3 player running Windows Mobile sounds really nice.

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