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Old 06-04-2006, 01:35 AM   #51
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Default Re: Massacre in Iraq

Originally Posted by root
Brookfield the problem is that in replying to deathstars post. #38 the edit button was pressed, not the reply to...

Deathstar said that he just wated it to be known that even though it was his name on the post it wasn't his views as it had been edited.

(i'm sure this is a simlpe misunderstanding, and really is no reason to leave deathstar).

Now I don't mean to sound stupid, (because that is what this is going to sound like),

but I'm really not sure what to believe anymore, I mean I watch the news and read the papers, all I see is what I feel may be cover-ups, (like after the first event), I see Iraqi people killing other iraqis just because they are different sects of the same religion, I see soldiers killing people who killed soldiers, who killed other soliders, who killed women who killed men who killed children who clearly did nothing wrong, (but who ever killed whoever will clearly say that they were doing something even if it is just to get themselves out of trouble).

The trouble as I see it, is this.
you can't trust a polititian to tell you the truth,
you can't trust an army general to tell you the truth,
You can't trust an eye witness if the persons killed were his friends,
You can't trust the Iraqi news and I'm not sure you can trust the british or american news since all are based more on what the polititians say rather than actual events,
the more journalists that go out there looking for the real story to report the more journalists come home dead.

Short of actually knowing a soldier who would come back and tell you the truth as a friend no matter what he told his superiors or what was in the news, what are we meant to think? we now live in an age where if we don't see something with our own eyes then we can't even be sure it happened...
Two things, I tried to help Deathstar, I PM'd him several times, all I got was a very angry confused member, almost, but not quite flaming me, I said I had no idea what he wanted, & apolgised for the confusion, but he wouldn't calm down, in the end, I forwarded the lot, around 6 or 8 posts to David, so he could see the both sides, that forward facility is very handy!, I wonder if it's used a lot?

As to Iraq, I agree with what you're saying, but how do you explain the fact that it was a NAMED member of the US forces that went into the building & reported what he saw?, what wold be gained by this man saying that in his opinion that they were slaughtered, another report said that the ammo dug out the wall, & the cartridge cases on the floor were genuine US issue.

Yes, lies, corruption & more lies exist, we all know this, & accept that fact, but there are some cases such as here, where the truth will out, it seems.

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Default Re: Massacre in Iraq

It wasn't a named person that first brought it to the media attention, it was the cousin of one of the people that were murdered,

they say (eye witness) that the marines busted into houses and shot people point blank,
there was an eye witness report from a small girl who says the only way she was abl to stay alive was by hidding in a pile of bodies in a bedroom, she claims that the marines knocked on the door, and then shot her dad who answered it, then proceeded to enter the house and shoot everyone inside the house.

but now, (and I have no source for this, perhaps connchri can help).
upon investigation, the families bodys we're, if shot, shot at a long distance
You see the eyewitness reports and the official reports are differing again. (which one is true).

so you're right the truth will out, (in as far as the civillians wern't killed in the bomb blast as oficially stated at first), but I still can't say to what extent the truth is out!

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