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Default Re: Martingale Thoery - Roulette

Another point to remember in America they have two Zeros.....

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Default Re: Martingale Thoery - Roulette

I guess the cap was sort a merging of minds between anti-gambling groups and casinos (at some point) - this is me hazarding a guess... The casino doesnt want anyone to go bust (they can get money off you another time then) and most places 50p or £1 minimum bets exist. After 6 or 7 misses on £1 (this isnt THAT uncommon) they are almost at the maximum bet. Then they cant recoup their money.

Also you would get people who were wealthy and happy to bet 20 or 30k on a doubling bet in order to win a hundred pounds or something..You have then problems with how much cash you have to keep on the table in order to pay out to the guy - and all the other guys who are playing on the table...

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Default Re: Martingale Thoery - Roulette

Originally Posted by ssc456 View Post
Well Root, i believe that depends on what you want to get out of the "system"
that's kind of what I meant, the only way that this system works is if you've got unlimitted funds, in which case you're probably gambling for fun, and not bothered about any losses.

if what you want is a strategic way of gambling on a roulette table that is more likely to make you money than random bets then yes it does work.
it's no more likely to work that if the theory stated that you should double bets and bet black red alternately. the idea that you should continuously bet on a single colour because it's bound to come up is ridiculous, the wheel could spin red all night and you'd never win!, worse it could spin red all night until you decide that clearly red is lucky and change your colour then spin black.

Consider this for a system. in english roulette (only 0, no 00 as extras)

what you do is start with a 1p bet on 1, then if you don't win you play this same bet 35 more times, once you've lost 36 times you should double that bet to 2p, and keep betting on one until you've lost another 15 times. then bet 3p, for another 7 times, then 4p for a further 3 times.

1p = 36p return if you win, so if you win at all up to 36 times you'll make more than your initial fund back (or more than what you've put in)
at the 37th bet you'll have put in 37p, so a return of 36p isn't good enough, you need to bet 2p to make a return of 72p
at the 42nd bet you'll have put in 72p, so you need to start betting with 3p, to hopefully make up to £1.08 and that's fine till you've reached that bet amount.

Basically, you look at the odds and increase your bet accordingly to make sure that you'll always win at least what you have bet, if your single betted number comes up. when you've invested more in loss making bets than your small stake will recover in the event of a win, you increase your bet by the stake amount until again what you've lost in bad bets so far is greater than the return you'll get.

sounds silly to bet continuously on the number one? in the hope of making a return -well it's no more silly than continuously betting on black!

and if you do still think it's silly, then here's the best bit.
One is no more likely to come up that the number two. so you can actually move your bet around the table as much as you like! and when you do win, you are (just like the martingale theory) always going to cover your loss so far, and actually turn a profit.

though in actual fact if you manage to win on anything but the 35th (where you'll recieve only one stake amount as profit), you'll always get at least twice the stake back in return!! (possibly even 36 x the stake amount).

If what you a looking for is a system that will NEVER lose then no it doesnt work, unless as you state you have unlimited funds.
what's the point in a system that doesn't win?

the martingale theory is a loss mitigation strategy that tries to pass it's self off as a money making excersie for people who don't understand how roulette works, (and as pointed out in my above posts it even fails at that since it miscalculates the probabilities as 1:2 for red or black, whereas it's actually 1:2.05 (i.e in a perfect world martingale theory says that the event of a black is 5050, it'll happen once every two spins, but it won't it'll happen once every 2.05 spins, (same odds for red) because there is one number (0) that's neither red nor black!).

now I just made up the above example of a system up in five minutes to show what a crock the martingale theory is.

my strategy costs less (meaning you get more play time with limitted funds)
starting with £1 fund and making penny bets you actually get about 45 plays with my strategy, conpared to a measly 6 plays with the martin gale theory.

and for all but two of the plays (if you only have £1 to bet with) you stand to recieve all your losses thus far, plus at least twice your current stake amount, where as the martin gale theory only lets you return your losses thus far plus 1x the original stake amount (1p).

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