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Old 08-18-2004, 10:32 AM   #31
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Default Re: Manhunt?

There have been several white americans butchered yes. Oh yeah I almost forgot Wassef Ali Hasuein. He is a Muslim US soldier from Lebanon or something. The stupid Terrorist threatened to behead him then said they did behead him then said they didnt then let him go if he promised he wouldnt serve in the military anymore.

That was the largest most covered most watched beheading here in the states. And he wasnt white.

I dont which beheading you are talking about but the saddest was the Korean begging for his life, "I DONT WANT TO DIE!" PLEASE!" PLEASE!" YOUR LIFE IS IMPORTATN BUT SO IS MINE." PLEASE" Just watch the video. Then they either drug or kill him then hack his head off.

I bet you none of those terrorist ever played Manhunt. Who do their mommies have to blame but themselves?

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Default Re: Manhunt?

Lol yeh..

Until the world is peaceful enough to not have to show wars etc. on the news, whats the point in taking it away from games that use it for entertainment value. If some people can't tell the difference between "pixels and reality" then they'll soon be locked up.

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