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Old 03-16-2015, 09:42 AM   #71
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Default Re: Looking for a riding mower

Originally Posted by NikonGuy View Post
Who is the one picking out all of my posts? Who is the one going against EVERYthing I say? Who is telling stories WITHOUT saying how they have any relevance? Who is calling me a troll? Who is the one picking arguments with no bases to do so? You said you were on an aluminum ladder, you did NOT mention 1 thing about any electricity, so I asked you to clear up what the aluminum ladder had to do with anything. I post 1 thing, and who are the ones going around calling it out? I the entire time ONLY back up what I said to start with, every other person is the one going on farther on something that really does not matter. Celery is the only one here who has any balls, because he just took what I said, got the point I wanted to make, and didn't make anything else to argue against it. Does he disagree? I'm sure he does, but it's un important I only made my point so ya'll leave the alone about it. Then Draygoes comes along as a total ass, with his comment CLEARLY trying to start crap with me, but I didn't even respond to that because what he said was just trying to get me mad, so I didn't let it bother me. You are the ones picking fights out of nothing, just because you don't agree and you try to force me to agree. NOT EVERYONE AGREES ON EVERYTHING. If I really wanted to argue I would have responded to Draygoes rude remark, but I didn't because it's was pointless. Go back to bed, because clearly you woke up on the wrong side, calling me a troll and saying I just want to argue. When EVERYTHING I write points to the opposite. But you are just busy nit picking my posts to make it look how you want it to look. Good god.

I'm just going to end this nonsense. I only made my point on what I think about the safety precautions. I think they are too often over done, but that's just my view on it, that doesn't make anything right or wrong. Same for everyone here. There should not be any sort of flame argument over this, we live our lives how we want, it should not bother anyone else. No one is trying to change anyones mind, so lets just move on with our lives. Thank you.

Yeah, red tape is pretty annoying, but necessary imo, not necessarily for the people who know what they're doing, it's for those who *think* they know what they're doing, and those who honestly don't have a clue!

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Default Re: Looking for a riding mower

Originally Posted by joedaman633 View Post
As rude as that is, I officially agree.

Will have a youtube channel up soon. Link will be here if I remember.
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Default Re: Looking for a riding mower

If you don't read than don't comment.

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