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Default Re: Library computers

Originally Posted by superman22x View Post
Says the guy with an avatar that says, "yousuck."

Have you guys ever looked at your rep bars? There is a reason they are in red. 01001010 posts a lot of useful stuff. What we've been asking you a million times Comp Exploder, is if you have a simple question, post it in the Random Chit Chat thread! It was created for that exact reason. If you have something worth talking about then a new thread is fine, after all, it is the social lounge. But when it's something like, "My library has more books than computers, how about yours?" It probably doesn't need a new thread.

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Default Re: Library computers

My local library has both books and internet access, as it should. Books will never be obsolete any more than the knife. It doesn't require power, and always works when you pick it up, assuming that it has had proper care.
This, and in my mind this is what libraries are for. There will always be books around, and for those that enjoy reading and researching (some things just aren't around on the internet believe it or not!) libraries are an invaluable resource. Whilst I see the value in them providing computers if you need to send a quick email or look something up quickly, this isn't their primary focus and neither should it be. If you want to go on the internet, stay at home or go to an internet cafe.

And heading briefly off topic...
I'll make my own points regarding 01001010.
Oh dear. Seriously, don't. No, I don't think he should be making as many sarcastic posts as he is but it's definitely not your place to say what should or shouldn't be posted as a new thread or not. If you've got a complaint, PM someone - it saves clogging up threads with arguments which really get quite annoying quite quickly.
He Is quite a jerk... JCB Or Someone should ban him...
What's that post designed to do? Again, if you've got an objection then PM a mod instead of posting on a random thread... that's going to go against your case, not help it as people get annoyed at you clogging up threads with random crap. The above post demonstrates this AGAIN.

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Old 04-14-2011, 03:47 AM   #23
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Default Re: Library computers

Originally Posted by Comp Explorer View Post
I'll make my own points regarding 01001010.
no you won't.

I think I made myself clear, there is no need for this sarcasm, name calling and generally negative posts.

I can't believe that you carried this on after the threat of bans have come out.

see you in a week.

Originally Posted by xxPoweredgexx View Post
He Is quite a jerk... JCB Or Someone should ban him...
there's no need for you to stir the pot.

see you on Sunday.

Does everyone get the message now?
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Default Re: Library computers

My local library has internet access, but I don't know what kind of limits there are; I go there for the books.

I have heard that some libraries here in the US are starting to lend out eBooks, which is an interesting development.

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