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Old 01-13-2009, 04:47 PM   #11
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Default Re: Less homework in school?

Originally Posted by Rubber314Chicken View Post
true, there are people that do work more than a standard 40 hour week, but how many are there? I bet there is a lot more 40 hour a weekers than people who work substantially more than that.
the majority of the people in my company do more than a 40 hour week, our overtime will be back on thursday, and we normally do 2 hours a night.. taking our 37 hour week standard up to 47 (for me its different because of my college day, but i will be doing 8 hours a week overtime while its on) one of the workshops does 6am to midnight 6 days a week.. at my company a week over 40 hours is quite common..

edit.. just to clarify.. the saturday and sunday work is at the animal sanctuary i work at, not my day-to-day job

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Default Re: Less homework in school?

less homework wouldnt affect me at all. i just do my homework in the classes before the class its due in. (i do 3rd periods HW in 2nd, and 4ths in 3rd, etc.)

I hardly EVER do anything outside of school unless its a big project worth a ton of points. If its a fairly large assignment not worth that much, i just dont do it. We had to build a bridge for Alg Trig, some people spend over 5hrs making theres. The bridge was worth 30pts at a 1/3 grading scale. Equivalent to 10 measly points on a test. i chose not to do it, my grade hardly suffered at all

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Old 01-13-2009, 05:01 PM   #13
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Default Re: Less homework in school?

**** school.
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Default Re: Less homework in school?

Originally Posted by celegorm View Post
I say yes and no to it. There are some kids who really deserve less. Those are the ones who put in the effort to use class time right, try to get good grades, have a job, and are working to get into college. those that slack, and just don't care, they can keep the load they have, or get more.
i like how my high school maths teacher used to do it , he used to give us an assignment that would take an hour to do(our lessons where an hour) if we concentrated all lessons and just did that assignment , and then any we didnt finish we had to do at home in our own time and a lot of kids used to moan that it was unfair that they had to do it at home unlike classmates even though they had just as much time as others to do it
I think tbh kids who slack and dont care should just be kicked out of school , if they dont wanna be there why have them there disrpting the educations of kids who dont want to learn and progress in their education
thats one thing i love about college (i think the systems are a bit different between there and here ) but basically there are no people in my classes at college who whine about not wanting to be there because you have a choice and dont actually have to be there . at the beginning of the year there where a few whiners and basically they got told if you dont wanna be here you dont have to be here

Originally Posted by Rubber314Chicken View Post
I think it should be removed. We have 7 hours of school. Normal people work 8 hours. Why in the world does it make sense to have 11 hours (4 homework hours) of school work a day when in the real world you only have 8 of work a day?
yes but the difference between the real world and high school is . at high school is you dfont have any other responsabilities like cooking and cleaning looking after kids , doing grocery shopping
i tyhink homework is essential to learning as it backs up what you have been taught in class and allows the teacher to look back at what their class hasnt understood properly so they can go back and make sure everyone understands
Originally Posted by Rubber314Chicken View Post
I think that if you don't pay attention in class, and don't do the work, then you lack of an education is YOUR fault, and you should suffer those consequences, and not be given any welfare, disability, or unemployment. Its your fault that you didn't get that education.
I think in 99% of cases i would agree ,
however there are rare cases where some kids just dont do academically well due to learning difficulties etc and then they should be given state help
or if something has happened at home that could damage academic performance
Originally Posted by Rubber314Chicken View Post
Because right now, I could drop out of high school, and take in money on welfare. I'd be taking it out of the pockets of people who persevered through high school and got a job, and I got it doing nothing. School needs to be a place where you either learn or you don't, and students need to make that choice themselves.
and why dont you do that ?
is it because you realise in the long run its better financially to do well at high school progress onto college etc and get a decent job earning way more than any welfare check would pay
i agree with your comment on schools should be a choice however as i mentioned above
Originally Posted by Rubber314Chicken View Post
Also, I'd like to add that if there were 7 hours of school, 1 hour of homework, and then 16 hours a day to do whatever, school may be less of a social gathering, and more of a learning place because then students will actually have time to do stuff out of school.
well i dont know about you but on average i didn only get 1 maybe 2 at a push hours of homework a night at high school
except obviously before exams went i spent most evenins revisin
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Default Re: Less homework in school?

Originally Posted by deathhell77 View Post
**** school.

You're one of the ones who deserves more homework.

And BTW, this:

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makes me LOL hard....
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Default Re: Less homework in school?

Not sure how much homework kids get these days but judging by some of the posts on this site they dont do much at school anymore. There are always members posting from school..using ipods and mobile phones in class....playing video games in class etc...sounds like one big bludge so yeah they should be getting plenty of homework.
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Default Re: Less homework in school?

I think most of you are wrong imho.

I go to school, I'm now starting Year 8, part of a program called "S.T.E.P." It's basically a class for the 'smarter' kids, and no it's not full of nerds as you'd expect. But our whole class is fed up because we get too much homework, we're doing too much after school, after school is supposed to be a 'free time', school goes for just over 6 hours and that's all we need.

People have phones and iPods here, but no one really texts in class because our school has a rule of 'no phones on or to be seen in class' which I completely agree with. Now, iPods aren't really banned, it depends on what teacher you get, most will say no because they can be used as a distraction, but some teachers say yes because music can calm us down and stuff like that, make us think or give us a bit of rush.

We get too much homework for school, I think that all together we should abolish the whole homework thing. It's like they think all we do in our lives is school and work. But no, we have lives, we spend time with family, we have our private stuff to do, we have dreams that we want to achieve.

In general, school is a screwed up place, why? We learn nothing, I won't say all but a lot of kids don't concentrate because the teachers don't teach us interesting things. It's all, okay everyone answer all the 750 algebra equations from the board, every single day it's the same crap in Maths. English, basically we called it the sleeping class because the teacher explained things far too long and we didn't learn anything. I promise you we didn't learn anything pretty much. It was just...spell this random word we don't even know what it means or never heard of, and never will hear of.

Some subjects however we did learn, like Science, my teacher didn't like me much and I wasn't the best at it, but hey, I liked learning interesting things like Space, cells etc.

Work doesn't need to come home with us, because that's our time, that's FREEDOM time, that's family time. That's my time.
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Default Re: Less homework in school?

LMAO!! I wish I was back in school. You have no idea how harsh reality can be. You all have a roof over your heads, and a constant source of food and support.

Stop complaining.
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Default Re: Less homework in school?

yeah, i wish i was still in HS.
I dont have to worry about selecting which classes can be transferred, what classes i need for my major, finding a way to pay for it, transportation, cant be late or major points will be deducted/certain tardies equal one absence, dont go to school for a few days and Financial aid will suspend me from the money, cant turn in late work, have to call the teacher if i cant make it to class, have to use my free time to meet with groups to do projects. etc

Then after that, gotta worry about life, and try to get through it, and instead of 8 hours a day, its more of 12 hours a day for work. (from my experience)
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Default Re: Less homework in school?

I want to be out of highschool so I don't have to take lame classes and I can concentrate on courses that matter (math, science, engineering). Other than that I have no complaints.

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