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Default Re: Learning the guitar

I never used MXtabs, but I am still lamenting the oss of OLGA.net

Personally I think that those tab tutor programs are a waste of money.

I learned from a book, (the Usborne Book of easy guitar tunes), that book goes through teaching you how to read music as well as tabs, positions, posture, parts of the guitar as well as plucking and fingering techniques,
it also (as the title suggests) contains a lot of easy guitar tunes. -it cost about £4.99 when I bought it, (a little over a decade ago).

IMO you're much better to learn how to read music than just relying on tabs, (I was able to read music before I learned guitar though). it's useful to be able to read music, because you can then read a melody rather than just a series of notes.

chord books are good as well. I mean I learned to play The times they are a changing a couple of days ago, I got the strumming pattern from listening to the CD, and then found a site that listed the chords inside of the words, so I had a good idea of the tune, the timmings in the tune, and the chords are all fairly easy, and having a good knowledge of the different chords helps you to switch between them quick enough not to destroy the song!

also, (another good thing about learning chords) is that it gives you an idea of the notes that fit well together musically, and what notes wil clash badly when played next to each other, this will help you greatly if you wish to become proficient in writting solo guitar lead lines or something, because you'll automatically just know where your fingers are meant to go.

it's all very well relying on resources from the internet, but honestly I find that the problem is that you either end up with something that makes little sense, (because it's tabbed badly with no musical direction), or you find that the site isn't up for very long.

Lastly I know nothing about your charecter, but I'd really advice you not to play the music that you listen to, there is absolutly no joy in destroying your favorite songs, either by playing them badly or by playing them realy well.
my own experiance is that I listen to a lot of rock type music (rock, metal grunge etc), and whilst I can play this style on guitar, I don't get an aweful lot of joy from it, hence I tend to play a lot more other styles, (such as Classical, Blues, Jazz, Flamenco and old lute tunes which kind of go under the heading classical).
don't get me wrong, I'm not adverse to these styles (and do listen to them anyway), but they are a lot more difficult to play, and I get a lot more satisfaction out of really nailing a piece of music that is difficult... (like some mentally fast flamenco).

I'll quote from a friends myspace profile...

"diligence is the mother of good luck"...

now the guy who says tht 've known for ages, and he is *insanely* good at guitar, (good enough to have toured several continents as the new guitarist of a very old and established band, joining the band when he was only 22 as well).
but the guy practised literally every single day. (practised as in got new music and masered the music, not just went over te same stuff day after day after day.

if you want to be good then practise, else you'll end up like me, not practising and sounding crappy.

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